BitCanna: A new cryptocurrency for the cannabis industry


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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are a phenomenon that came to the surface after the collapse of the real estate market in 2008. People are looking for alternatives to current financial systems and institutions, as confidence in banks has declined. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are based on blockchain technology, which allows a decentralized network to carry out financial transactions, without banks or various institutions participating and taking their share of the cake. Many different types of cryptocurrencies with unique services and apps are emerging, especially after the rise in popularity, and the strong market demand in 2017.

The cannabis industry sees blockchain technology as a great tool for making more discreet payments and advancing the movement to legalize cannabis. Often, bank accounts block a transaction in online cannabis stores, simply because of the association with cannabis, even if the products are purchased legally. There are many areas of the cannabis industry where governing bodies need total control and vigilance, and BitCanna has shown great initiative in solving many of the problems posed by prohibitionist forces.

About Bitcanna

BitCanna aims to solve a problem that has plagued the cannabis industry from its inception. Companies like Visa and MasterCard deny cannabis companies access to their services due to the legal status of marijuana. Since the legality of the herb is regulated differently in European countries, the industry leaders operate in gray areas. BitCanna wants to solve this problem by providing a decentralized blockchain network that is specifically designed for the cannabis industry and provides much-needed services to both consumers and businesses.

BitCanna is a new cryptocurrency that will revolutionize the cannabis industry and the way we pay for cannabis and cannabis products today. With customers support, BitCanna is striving to become a global cannabis exchange. Industry leaders such as the European cannabis business are already climbing on the BitCanna payment express.

BitCanna is not just another blockchain-based cryptocurrency for the usual suspects who usually trade with it. For centuries, alchemists have been unsuccessful in converting a lead to gold. So BitCanna is not a digital diamond mine. Rather, BitCanna is the world’s first cannabis coin. Therefore, Zambeza Seeds is very proud to be able to offer BitCanna as a payment method.

Why Cannabis industry needs its own coin

If you want to buy cannabis or goods related to cannabis use, your money in the account usually doesn’t get you much. The banksters are certainly not friends of the cannabis scene. Regardless of whether cannabis is your medicine or if you just want to relax and smoke a joint: How often have you had problems paying when ordering? It kind of feels like there is some forces at work trying to keep you from buying these products.

Online shopping can suddenly become a tedious nightmare. You have just packed your shopping cart, clicked on the checkout and will then be asked for any additional personal information. You may be able to skip the survey, but you will still face limited payment options. It’s not really online shopping if you have to travel to the bank with a photo ID just to make a transfer – or put a check/cash in a letter!

The normal decent cannabis user deserves better treatment. It shouldn’t take a lot of work to make a purchase. With BitCanna you can save yourself the gauntlet run and shop, no matter what and where you want!

How BitCanna works?

Today, anyone can use Bitcanna instantly. No more delays or waiting times, and certainly no double costs for the privilege of holding and using an account. In addition, there are absolutely no hidden additional costs. The platform is based on a unique blockchain for your security and to improve the traceability of products/services. In addition, BitCanna was specifically designed to replace cash and all other e-commerce alternatives in the cannabis industry.

In addition, BitCanna keeps the user’s personal data and payments anonymous and at the same time makes business transactions more transparent. BitCanna makes it easier for customers to connect with cannabis companies. A customer-specific, secure rating system ensures that you have a say. This also helps to improve business transparency and strengthen customer confidence in dealers. A QR code that works like a barcode is another helpful feature to improve your shopping experience and get more information about products and retailers. Most importantly, BitCanna really works for cannabis users. All you need is a wallet!

Generating Trust

The inconsistency of cannabis laws forces companies to operate in gray legal areas. Traditional payment processors, such as PayPal or Visa, refuse to participate in cannabis market transactions. Therefore, many companies are forced to use creative methods to process cash payments, despite wanting to operate with transparency. Transparency is one of the fundamental values on which BitCanna is based. Legal companies and their clients will no longer have to conduct their business in a gray area.

BitCanna will help customers by offering a means to track products purchased to their source, whether a supplier or a grower. In this way, the integrity and reputation of the best seed producers can be maintained and verified. Companies that claim to have the best products can no longer hide behind fake reviews. Instead, a new classification system will be introduced that can be used by any user of the network, giving companies the reputation they deserve.

Regarding the cannabis supply chain, government regulators have shown a growing interest in the production, transportation and financial flow of these types of companies. An accounting will offer these regulators a clearer view of the cannabis industry, including all aspects of the supply chain. Building trust with customers is essential for business success, and strengthening trust with government agencies will make the sector grow as a whole.

The Bottom lines to Bitcanna 

When was the last time a financial institution rewarded you for your checking account? BitCanna beats the bank and other cryptocurrencies in every important area and rewards the customer. It is an optimized payment service that every cannabis user and company deserves. You don’t have to be die-hard hemp to join BitCanna. But if you want more and especially want it now, get a BitCanna wallet today. Help Zambeza Seeds make the future of BitCanna a reality!


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