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Greg Morris, Founding Senior Partner, Austen Morris Associates

The challenges created by the global pandemic and recent social injustice events have increased awareness of inequities and financial instability across the globe. These events have highlighted the need for financial organizations to advance financial inclusion by providing access to useful and affordable products and services to meet the underserved needs of the market. Currently, financial industry leaders are addressing strategic business imperatives that serve the greater good through financial inclusion and make a decisive step toward achieving a higher bottom line. Austen Morris Associates (AMA) is one such organization that is helping different sectors to deliver financially personalized services. AMA is an international financial planning and wealth management company. As independent financial consultants, AMA provides unbiased advice and access to the world’s top management groups.

AMA is a trusted and transparent financial services company committed to long-term partnerships. The company was founded by two industry veterans Greg Morris and co-founder Austen Hempstead in 1994. Today, AMA has over 10,000+ global clients and has been partnering with them for over 27 years. 

“Trust was a core value from the early days of business, resulting in the long-term relationships that have become the foundation of Austen Morris Associates today,” says Greg. Since its inception, the company has expanded its presence into Singapore in 1997, whilst in 1999 according to Greg, mainland China was ready for professional financial services and a considerably large team moved to Shanghai where AMA opened its first mainland office, as a legitimate WFOE (Wholly Foreign  Owned Enterprise) in 2003. By 2008, the company had expanded its presence and offices to Beijing, Suzhou, Pudong, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Along with the Managing Senior Partner, James Colclough and Philip Morris the Executive Director, Greg opened their first office in South Africa, a highly regulated market that moved Austen Morris Associates into new opportunities in 2013. Additionally, AMA Philippines gained its additional licensing to registers as an Insurance Agent within the Philippines to further expand AMA’s Personal and Corporate Healthcare Client options.

In 2021, Austen Morris Associates has seen fundamental growth with James, Phil, and Greg establishing four additional entities: 

  1. Austen Morris Associates International 
  2. Austen Morris Associates North America 
  3. Austen Morris Associates Mauritius 
  4. Austen Morris Associates Europe

Carving a Niche in the Market

“At Austen Morris Associates, we know how the right financial decisions can make all the difference to your long-term security, quality of life, and the realization of your dreams. We also understand the importance of working closely with you over the long term to understand your unique needs and help to meet any challenges along the way,” shares Greg.

The Austen Morris Associates Group of Companies offers a broad service offering with experienced consultants that are committed to building bespoke financial plans for their clients. The services offered by the company to various sectors include Estate Planning & Fiduciary Review, Quantitative Portfolio & Fund Analytics, International Tertiary Education Planning, Direct International Property Investments, UK & US Pension Planning &Transfers. It also includes Portfolio Gearing & Sophisticated Investments, Mutual Funds & Exchange Traded Funds, Direct Share Investments, Investment Bank Products, Employee Benefit Schemes, Business Assurance, and Health Care.

The Austen Morris Associates Manifesto

Since 1994, AMA has been committed to the core values of trust, professionalism, and partnership to the benefit of International Clients around the world, resulting in the successful long-term relationships that are the foundation of Austen Morris Associates today.

“We are committed to partnership and we understand that we are as invested in our clients’ future, as they are in ours. We are committed to our clients truly embodying Invested Together, Always,” affirms Greg.

Austen Morris Associates is committed to long-term partnerships and continues to build upon its history of market leadership with integrity and innovation. The company strives to reward the clients’ trust by returning the best results and growing together by always protecting and developing their portfolios. It aims to contribute to the well-being of the larger community and be committed to being agents of positive change.

“The AMA Group of Companies are well positioned, in all key countries and regions to ensure the future growth for the group, but most importantly to be able to serve our global client base wherever they may be located or resident, with the world-class service they have become accustomed to,” concludes Greg.

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