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Danny Farah, Managing Director, Chief Group Services Pty Ltd

After stepping out of university, Danny Farah was working as a contract manager for a commercial cleaning company. His position as a contract manager eventually lead him to a great but risky opportunity of purchasing a niche security company at the age of 22. Looking forward after a decade, Danny successfully built and sold the company as a leader in its sector. He then stepped into the construction industry to utilize his degree and soon decided to launch his own integrated service company – Chief Group Services, which would encompass the sectors of the industry that he is both passionate and knowledgeable of.

The company’s operational differences, experience, and size make Chief Group Services a premier integrated service provider – one that stands out as an industry leader. Chief is dedicated to delivering superior security, cleaning, and maintenance solutions to a range of esteemed sectors including Government, commercial, and retail. “Our experience in each sector, employing the best at what they do, ensures we deliver premium services across the board. We guarantee this with regular up-skilling and a focus on education for all members of our staff and management teams,” says, Danny Farah, Managing Director of the Company.

Chief Group Services Technology-Driven Approach

Chief Group Services prides itself on innovation and thought leadership to inspire its team. This technology-driven approach is a key factor in delivering a superior service offering to its broad range of quality clients. With the use of a leading platform, The House, the company can seamlessly manage its experienced workforce across the range of services. Via GuardHouse, CleanHouse, and MaintenanceHouse, the company can prepare and deliver on the key components of every project including:

  • Compliance
  • Rostering
  • Payroll
  • Auditing
  • HR Management

The company provides a range of security, cleaning, and maintenance services effectively managing these sectors for our clients as an external supplier, with zero hassle and excellent results.

Mission and Leadership of the Company

“We are committed to delivering superior security, cleaning and maintenance solutions, and technology play a strong role in upholding a professional offering to our growing clientele,” asserts, Danny. Driven by its experienced leadership team, technology will continue to play a role for Chief Group Services in the future.

The mission of the company is to provide superior, quality, and innovative service solutions that are based on a deep understanding of the client’s requirements, coupled with highly qualified operatives and exceptional standards of safety performance. To achieve this mission, Chief Group Services’ senior staff unite on a common goal to deliver a first-class service for clients and to encourage employee growth simultaneously. The management team boasts a combined 50 years of industry experience with a passion for adhering to Quality, Environmental, and Health & Safety Management Systems.

“Our leadership team nurtures and supports the career journey of all 300+ Chief Group Services members of staff,” affirms Danny. He adds, “Our Company is backed by an experienced leadership team who set the industry benchmark in training, company culture and adhering to quality guidelines. Our leadership team upholds the Chief Group Services values and promise.”

Managing Customer Relationship

Chief Group Services promises its client to deliver a suite of high-quality services that are of a superior standard. The company has staff with top-notch skills and processes where they can proudly offer services to a range of sectors with compliance and quality assurance. It provides full-circle solutions to clients that save them in the long run. Besides being external, the company implements strong communication strategies to form an effective and friendly relationship with the clients.

“Clients find value in the way we operate. We are very open in our communications and diligent in our project management. We meet our client’s needs above all and never disappoint in terms of our quality of service,” asserts Danny.

The company is also passionate about the staffs’ happiness, their career progression and it shows. The team is supported with effective training and career guidance to ensure they continue to excel in their sector. Chief group Services considers the staff as the most crucial element to our business and values above all. “We like to think of our company as more of a large family, who are proud to work together and to represent the company,” says Danny.

The Way Forward

Chief Group Services has a management team of 18 people in 4 states with a staff of 300+. The company has certainly come a long way in a short time with future growth projections being very high. Danny says, “We are still a very young company, but the future is promising. It is already a successful operation turning over close to $15m a year.” He concludes, “My goal is to turn this organization into a powerful national competitor with a target turnover of $50m on its 10yr anniversary in 2026.”

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