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With the proliferation of new technologies and the advent of new companies, APAC’s payment industry has become the global hub for innovation.

With the proliferation of new technologies and the advent of new companies, APAC’s payment industry has become the global hub for innovation. From providing highly effective data security measure such as tokenization to introducing chat apps for seamless mobile payments, the payment industry is constantly striving to bring something new to the table. While this constant pursuit of innovation has brought about positive changes for customers, it has also increased competition among organizations, prompting them to create sustainable competitive advantages to outperform their competitors.

Allied Wallet, a leading payment solution provider, is one company that continues to outperform all its competitors with its ability to provide best-in-class payment solutions for merchants as well as online businesses. Founded in 2006 in U.K, Allied Wallet offers payment solutions to customers across the globe including Asia, U.S, and Europe. Recognized for its award-winning payment solutions, the company has been at the forefront of providing quality-driven payment solutions right from its inception in 2006.

By giving customers a wide range of payment options and opportunities while maintaining low-cost and convenient services, Allied Wallet simplifies the payment process of customers and provides a personalized payment experience for all. Whether it’s a payment platform for accepting global payments or an innovative mobile app on the smartphone, Allied Wallet can arm its customers with the right solutions for their payments needs. “If you need to pay your employees into individual accounts that they can link with a debit card to use in stores, we can do that too. We have all the payment options under one roof. Our unique values are convenience and security,” says Andy Khawaja, CEO & Founder, Allied Wallet.

According to Allied Wallet, the Asian market is three to four years ahead of the U.S when it comes to bringing new technologies into the payment industry. “It’s very impressive in terms of the technologies they use for ensuring a secure and seamless transaction. With our ability to issue and transact China’s UnionPay cards, I think we have a great opportunity to position ourselves in Asia,” adds Khawaja.

The key benefits of using Allied Wallet’s payment solutions are not limited to its services. By connecting Asian consumers to western products and connecting western consumers to Asian products, the company brings together the global customers and enables them to leverage its products in the most optimal manner. “We also have an opportunity to be more involved in mobile commerce and payments. We have the relationships to interconnect so many parts of the e-commerce industry and give merchants the best solutions all bundled in one,” states Khawaja.

Customers at the heart of operations

Allied Wallet’s ability to continually innovate and add new features to its products has always been one of its core strengths. Bolstered by a competent team, the company has designed some of the best-in-class payment products that simplify the payment process of consumers.  While its global payment gateway that connects to shoppers in 196 countries gives customers accurate, real-time transaction data from anywhere in the world on any device, the company’s global merchant service enables merchants to securely accept payments on their website. Apart from these products, Allied Wallet also provides ideal payment products such as Swipe App, eWallet, reloadable prepaid cards and accepting payments for its customers.

Unlike the other payment solutions that predominantly sell their payment products, Allied Wallet understands the specific needs of its global customers, ensures its products are PCI DSS Level I compliant and provides 24/7 support to efficiently assist all of its merchants and customers across the globe. Moreover, the company also takes prides in its corporate social responsibility efforts, which include working with a number of organizations for making the world a better place and supporting organizations that serve children, animals, police officers, and humanitarian relief.

Although the company’s core competency lies in its payment products and superior product portfolio, what really differentiates Allied Wallet from its peers is its ability to interconnect all aspects of the payment space into one all-inclusive solution. Lauded by publications such as Inc500, Fortune, and the Guardian, the company still focuses on ensuring the happiness of its customers. This trait coupled with its ability to innovate makes Allied Wallet one of the leading payment solution providers across the globe.

 Under the leadership of Andy Khawaja, the company is constantly innovating new products and services s to provide its clients with cutting-edge technologies and new payment options.  In the coming years, the company intends to continue its stride connecting more buyers and sellers globally and giving merchants the most all-inclusive solution possible. “We have partnered with alternative payment methods all over the world to make sure our merchants can accept more types of payments, and we have many more partnerships in the works,” concludes Khawaja.


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