10 Lesser Known Entrepreneurs in APAC with Revolutionary Startup Ideas


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Do you know Mark Zuckerberg?

Of course, you do … unless you’ve been living under a rock for almost a decade now.

However, did you know that for every Mark Zuckerberg there are hundreds of entrepreneurs who are little known for their works and the impact they are making on the world?

Indeed there are many of them who have devoted their lives to their work and are constantly striving to add value to the world.

Let’s take a look at 10 such lesser-known entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific region who are transforming the world with their startups and ideas:

Brian Yongwook Chae (founder of Looxid Labs)

South Korean brain engineer and doctor in neurosciences Brian Yongwook Chae founded VR startup Looxid Labs in 2015 that is developing a helmet to read the emotions of the users by analyzing and measuring ocular movements and brainwaves. The application of the device could range from health care, education, video games, entertainment, defense, and consumer research.

Kevin Baum (co-founder of AgriWebb)

Kevin Baum, along with co-founders John Fargher and Justin Webb, founded AgriWebb in 2014 as a cloud-based SaaS livestock management platform that is developed to digitize recordkeeping and take audit and compliance data to assist farmers with productivity and decision making.

Thuntee Sukchotrat (co-founder of Jibex)

Thai entrepreneur Thuntee co-founded crypto wallet service Jibex, an app for cryptocurrency investors or anyone interested in blockchain technologies. The app is initially offering only wallet services during the initial phase of operations and it will soon expand to provide additional trading features.

Jose Roberto Antonio (MD of Century Properties and Producer of Revolution Precrafted)

Filipino real estate developer Jose Roberto Antonio is the managing director of Century Properties and the producer of Revolution Precrafted, a developer of prefabricated designer homes that became the first unicorn of the Philippines.

Raphael Bouzy (founder of Datarama)

Singaporean entrepreneur Raphael Bouzy founded Datarama in 2015 as a fintech platform for bankers and investors to mine data on more than 610,000 companies and 750,000 individuals.

Oko Davaasuren (Director APAC of Techstars)

Mongol serial entrepreneur Oko Davaasuren is the regional director for the APAC region of Techstars. He has cofounded and assisted in operations of numerous startups in Asia, including StartupMongolia, which is a non-profit firm that aims to help grow the local startup ecosystem and community.

Loi Luu (co-founder of Kyber Network)

Vietnamese entrepreneur Loi Luu is the co-founder of Kyber Network, a decentralized liquidity network that allows decentralized applications, including funds, exchanges, payments wallets, and lending protocols to reach their potential.

Geraldine McBride (founder of MyWave)

New Zealander entrepreneur Geraldine McBride founded MyWave in 2013 to transform the way enterprises conduct business with their customers and the customers interact with businesses. MyWave technology and services platform offer the means for enterprises to transform from the extant but obsolete one-way push-based transaction model to a novel permission-based transaction based on mutual relationship.

Hanif Marzuki Mohd Saupi (co-founder of Qtix)

Hanif is a 21-year-old Malay entrepreneur who, along with his team, created a mobile integrated queue management system that allows users to obtain their queuing number.

Sabda PS (co-founder of Zenius)

Indonesian entrepreneur Sabda PS co-founded Zenius in 2007 by bringing educational material on DVD and CD. The e-learning platform has since been providing an awesome learning experience for students in Indonesia by focusing on science and reason.


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