5G Technology: What Are the Benefits and Challenges


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Technology has changed the world we live in today; everyone wants things to be done quickly without wasting any time. The same goes for a cellular network as well. 

The cellular network uses 4G technology to provide the best services for mobile phone users. But now it may seem that the days of 4G ruling the cellular networks are numbered as there is a new player in the market. For years, Internet companies, cellular operators and global telecom operators have been planning to implement and use 5G technologies for easy accessibility and feasible operations. 

5G is the fifth generation cellular network technology that allows users to gain more advantages. The 5G network is already implemented in the west but is in the APAC region’s final implementation phase. The network allows developers to deploy applications faster; for everyone else, it is the fastest network. 

5G is trending these days, and it becomes important to ask why? In this article we are going to discuss 5 5g benefits and challenges

5G Network benefits 

  1. Speed! High Speed

5G technology works faster on cellular devices than 4G and 4G LTE. If you wanted to download a 2 GB movie, it would take hours on a 2G or 3G network, but it would only take minutes on a 4G network. Humans are known to outperform themselves; thus, with 5G technology, these tasks become much easier, with downloading taking only a few seconds. 

Experts say that the network has a 20Gbps speed, which enables organizations to get work done quickly and users to download at lightning speed. Isn’t that impressive?  

  1. Decreased Latency 

The advantage of 5G technology is that it has lower latency than 4G and makes it much simpler to support other emerging technologies like AI, IoT, VR, and AR. 

Additionally, it makes it simple for mobile phone users to browse the internet and open websites, which enhances the shopping experience.  

  1. More Room for Bandwidth 

I understand that 4G is good, but a bandwidth issue prevents it from transferring much data at once. 5G technology has increased bandwidth, allowing it to seamlessly transfer data, thus improving the connectivity among devices and overall user experience.  

Through seamless service switching between cellular devices and wireless wifi, 5G Technology improves performance for users.  

  1. Avoids Tower Congestion 

When accessing crucial data, 4G cellular networks frequently experience congestion, which causes several issues.  

On the other hand, the better speed and increased bandwidth of the 5G Network benefits

 users to avoid tower congestion.  

  1. 5G Powers innovations around the World. 

In addition to allowing businesses to switch between cellular and wifi wireless strategies, 5G technology has the potential to deliver up to 100 times more capacity than 4G, which will inevitably result in improved performance. 5G als provides methods to access the internet with higher efficiency. 

Because of its increased speed, 5G technology is the best option for connecting with a wide range of gadgets, including drones and sensors. There are countless opportunities because 5G can power the adoption of IoT in industries, helping them to improve their productivity and other factors. 

Challenges of 5G Technology

  1. Limited Global Coverage 

You might have heard that 5G has been implemented in western countries, but what about Asian continents? The main advantage of 5G is that it has limited global coverage and is available only in specifically selected locations. 

Due to how expensive it is to establish tower stations compared to other networks, only cities benefit significantly from the 5G network, and remote areas do not receive coverage. 

  1. Cybersecurity risk 

Another disadvantage of 5G technology is that it increases the risk of hacking, raising cybersecurity concerns. Hackers can easily steal the database thanks to the increase in bandwidth. 

The likelihood of attacks is extremely high because the 5G network can easily connect to more devices. Additionally, the lack of encryption during the connection process makes 5G-enabled devices an easier target for cyberattacks and data theft. 

  1. Damages the batteries of Mobile Devices 

Studies show that many mobile devices are losing a large portion of their battery life using 5G technology.

Only a few manufacturers have introduced mobile phones that are 5G Technology friendly. Still, research and development is underway to manufacture 5G devices. 

  1. Decreased upload speed 

I agree that 5G gives Smartphone users a high download speed, but compared to 4G, the upload speeds are only about 100 Mbps.

As discussed, mobile phones also need better battery technology as many users have stated that the device gets heated up using 5G technology. 

  1. Broadcast Distance reduced 

Although 5G operates quickly at high speeds, it won’t have the same range as 4G. The frequency of the 5G network may be blocked by tall structures and trees, which will cause several issues. 

In this case, the solution is to construct additional towers for coverage, which is time consuming and expensive. 

Closing Thoughts

5G promises mobile data speeds vastly exceeding the fastest home broadband network available to consumers. With speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second, 5G is up to 10 times faster than 4G. The transition is not just occurring on the network; new mobile devices that can withstand 5G’s load capacity and utilize the new spectrum will also be available.


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