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The food industry, a dynamic and ever-changing sector that includes various businesses in production, distribution, and consumption, plays an important role in shaping culinary trends and driving global economic growth. This sector satisfies consumer cravings through traditional eateries and innovative food delivery services, while Nauman Sikandar Mirza, CEO of foodpanda Pakistan, began his entrepreneurial journey in 2011. His ambition to transform the Pakistani food industry has propelled him from humble beginnings in his father’s living room to a key figure in the country’s e-commerce landscape.

Nauman’s entrepreneurial journey began when he founded Food Connection Pakistan. Starting from scratch, Nauman faced numerous challenges, but he remained determined to make a positive difference in the way businesses operate in Pakistan. Starting from scratch, he faced numerous challenges common to a new entrepreneur, including limited resources, operational challenges, and the daunting task of building a brand from the ground up. However, his unwavering determination and visionary mindset kept him focused on building a business that would thrive and revolutionize business operations in Pakistan.

Transition to foodpanda

The acquisition of EatOye! was a significant milestone in Nauman’s career, representing a strategic move that propelled him into the dynamic and rapidly evolving food delivery sector. The partnership with foodpanda demonstrated his leadership abilities as well as his ability to innovate in a competitive market. His strategic acumen and visionary leadership were critical in propelling foodpanda to unprecedented growth and success, cementing his position as a key player in Pakistan’s e-commerce landscape.

Vision and Motivation

Nauman’s entrepreneurial journey stems from a desire to challenge the status quo and contribute to Pakistan’s growth story. In his desire to create impactful ventures that resonate with both customers and stakeholders, he exudes a rebellious spirit and a rejection of traditional norms. His vision goes beyond business success; it includes a deeper commitment to driving positive change and having a long-term impact on Pakistan’s economic landscape. His pursuit of innovation and excellence reflects a passionate commitment to creating ventures that meet customer needs while also contributing to the country’s overall growth and development. Nauman’s unwavering commitment to serving both customers and stakeholders demonstrates his determination to build ventures that align with Pakistani society’s broader goals, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional wisdom along the way.

Challenges and Obstacles

Nauman’s journey demonstrates his ability to face adversity with resilience and determination. Despite the daunting challenges of starting a business from scratch, such as navigating operational hurdles and dealing with limited resources, he remained committed to his vision. His ability to remain focused on his goals, combined with his willingness to adapt and innovate in the face of adversity, has helped him overcome obstacles along the way. Nauman’s unwavering determination inspires aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the value of perseverance and resilience in overcoming adversity.

Accomplishments and Milestones

Nauman’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has propelled foodpanda Pakistan’s impressive growth and profitability under his leadership. His strategic vision and innovative approach have propelled the company to new heights, earning praise from both customers and industry experts. Nauman’s ability to deliver world-class service and consistently exceed customer expectations demonstrates his dedication to providing a truly exceptional experience in the food delivery industry. His achievements demonstrate his leadership abilities and unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in all aspects of his business ventures.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Pakistani Market

Nauman recognizes Pakistan’s vast potential, which includes a large and growing population, increasing mobile internet penetration, and thriving domestic logistics. Despite global investors’ misconceptions and negative perceptions, he recognizes the challenges ahead. Despite Pakistan’s strengths, such as strong unit economics and a loyal customer base, he recognizes the importance of addressing investor concerns and dispelling myths to fully realize the country’s investment and growth potential. Through thorough due diligence and strategic initiatives, Nauman hopes to unlock the true potential of the Pakistani market and attract increased investment that will drive the country’s economic prosperity and growth.

Role in Government Initiatives

Nauman’s position as co-chair of the Pakistan government’s E-commerce policy unit demonstrates his dedication to driving positive change and promoting the growth of e-commerce in the country. He uses his expertise and insights to address key challenges and unlock opportunities in the e-commerce sector through active participation in policy and initiative development. His contributions are critical to creating a thriving environment for businesses, encouraging innovation, and driving economic growth in Pakistan. His leadership in government initiatives demonstrates his commitment to advancing the country’s digital economy and promoting inclusive growth in a variety of sectors.

Advice for Entrepreneurs and Individuals

Nauman’s advice to entrepreneurs reflects the resilience and determination that have defined his journey. Drawing on his own experiences, he emphasizes the importance of viewing challenges as opportunities for growth. He encourages new entrepreneurs to capitalize on Pakistan’s supportive business environment, citing helpful regulations and the market’s untapped potential. He reminds them that taking risks, adapting to changes, and persevering in the face of adversity are often the keys to success. Outside of work, Nauman enjoys traveling and trying new foods, which demonstrates his adventurous side. Exploring different cultures and flavors gives him joy and inspiration. Whether he is looking for hidden food spots or traveling to exotic locations, curiosity fuels his enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures and inspires others to do the same.

Having an Impact on the Food Industry

Nauman’s impact on Pakistan’s food industry is more than just innovation; it represents a paradigm shift in how businesses approach customer service and satisfaction. His unwavering commitment to providing exceptional experiences has established a new standard for the industry, challenging conventional wisdom and raising the bar for excellence. His visionary leadership has propelled foodpanda to the forefront of the market while also inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs to prioritize customer-centric strategies and embrace innovation in their businesses. His dedication to excellence serves as a beacon for the industry, influencing its direction and driving continuous improvement in service quality and customer satisfaction.

Insights into the Future

Nauman’s optimism about the future of e-commerce in Pakistan is based on his thorough understanding of the country’s changing market dynamics and potential for exponential growth. With a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and a rapidly expanding consumer base, Pakistan is expected to see an increase in e-commerce activity in the coming years. Nauman’s faith in the country’s entrepreneurial spirit and ability to embrace innovation underpins his optimism about the future of the e-commerce sector. As technology advances and consumer preferences shift, the landscape is ripe for businesses to thrive and innovate, thereby driving economic growth and shaping Pakistan’s commerce future.


“My dream is to build great companies that provide an amazing experience to their customers, business partners, and team.”

“Starting a business from home is difficult because you have limited resources yet a lot of things to take care of, all by yourself.”


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