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Dale Gillham, Co-Founder, Wealth Within

Trading in the stock or share market is one of most effective ways to make money quickly. Sadly, there are too many misconceptions, half-truths and stories of failure surrounding the concept. This festers a fear of losing money among the general public, inhibiting and discouraging everyone from participating. But, as successful traders know, the truth is that trading to consistently profit is a learnable skill.

For most people, the idea that anyone can simply learn how to trade effectively is eye-opening; it opens the door of hope and possibility of achieving their financial goals. In fact, most people wanting to trade seek short-term gratification, supported by only partial or insufficient knowledge of the entire activity, and they fail. But, on the other hand, consider their bright prospects when they are personally taught how to trade effectively by some of the very best trading experts and analysts.

Wealth Within, a boutique company based in Melbourne, Australia, was established by trading experts with the intention to provide the right education that can teach anyone to achieve their financial goals. One of the co-founders is Mr. Dale Gillham who’s well-regarded as one of the most respected trading experts in Australia. For decades, his expert opinion has been called on in many newspapers and radio shows. He’s also a best-selling author and the co-host of one of the highest-ranking stock market podcasts today. About 20 years ago, he noticed that too much unsubstantial information, quick fix gimmicks and fancy marketing was reaching the general public. So, he and his partner ventured to provide high quality education to properly help people interested in trading.

Providing the Education to Support Students to Take Charge of their Financial Future

“The primary goal of Wealth Within has always been to help individuals change their lives in a meaningful way by providing a range of solutions to help achieve their financial goals,” Mr. Gillham says. To realize the best experiences for their clients, the company believes in and follows the principle of ‘customer first in everything we do’. They begin by demystifying many of the myths and falsities surrounding trading in the market to aspiring students, explaining its true nature, and finally, teaching them the essential and actionable strategies to make profits successfully. Finally, as one of the main goals, they instil a strong sense of confidence in their students’ ability to trade, empowering them to take charge of their financial well-being.

Wealth Within’s team believes that the success of their clients is itself the company’s success. So, they are greatly motivated, dedicated and committed to helping them achieve their goals. “The majority of staff we employ were students at some point. They have an inherent appreciation for the importance of students having a positive experience as they work together. They share their own experiences, provide encouragement and make real connections with students so that they feel supported. This contributes to the high completion rates achieved by our students,” Mr. Gillham shares.

Wealth Within has sought to raise and to set the standards of quality education in the industry. In this endeavour, they make it a high priority to ensure that they provide the highest quality share trading education today.

Providing High Quality Trading Educational Courses that Produces Successful Outcomes

Wealth Within’s spirit of taking care of customers first has helped develop many high-quality courses, including the only nationally accredited and internationally recognized courses, that provides clients with a recognized accreditation at the diploma level. These courses allow students to pursue further education both locally and offshore. Since receiving government accreditation in 2005, the company has been delivering courses online through an innovative flipped classroom model. This interactive learner-centred approach has proven invaluable because it ensures that teachers can treat each individual student’s needs, interact with them well and closely support them towards their goals. There is also the added convenience and flexibility of students being able to study from their own homes.

Through all of the company’s courses, the focus is always on delivering the correct knowledge that empowers aspiring students to confidently participate in trading and achieving results as well. Mr. Gillham and his team believe that these lessons should be presented to their students in a simple, effective, easy to understand way. “Once you know how to drive, you can drive any car in the world. So it is with the stock market. Once you have the right knowledge and have proven that you can trade by consistently taking profits from the market, you can apply your knowledge to trade in any market in the world regardless of whether it is Forex, Contracts for Difference or the stock market itself,” Mr. Gillham says.

The company’s ideal clients are those above 35 years of age, looking to make some savings to live comfortably after retirement. In reality, the company has seen all kinds of students, from the very young to the very old, to professionals such as accountants and financial planners, including a rise in the number of women students in recent years. Almost all students have recognized that they need the proper guidance and education before putting their money in the market.

Committed to Helping Even More People Securing their Financial Goals

The company’s motto ‘Acquire the Knowledge. Create the Wealth.®’ has proven quite effective over the past 18 years. Its wide range of courses all teach the essential, time-tested and actionable approaches, strategies and techniques to succeed whilst trading. Upon completing the courses, so many students have succeeded at achieving their financial goals and have publicly expressed their success stories as well. All students now believe that investing time in acquiring the right skills and knowledge will ensure anyone becomes a successful and profitable trader.

“The founders are proud of the legacy they have provided their students and the many lives they have changed over the course of 18 years. Because as our students have said, ‘we are not only changing the lives of those we teach, but we are also improving the lives of their families’,” shares Mr. Gillham.

In view of the coming new year and beyond, Wealth Within is primarily focussed on delivering high quality learning experiences and outcomes for clients. “Our focus moving forward is to connect with more people, both locally and offshore, who are looking for quality education that delivers genuine results, so that they avoid the pitfalls and risks that many experience without having the right knowledge and skills,” Mr. Gillham concludes.


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