Softlink Global: Driving Efficiency and Visibility in Global Logistics


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Amit Maheshwari, CEO & MD, Softlink

Softlink Global is a leading logistics software provider for domestic and international Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Supply Chain industries. The company showcases comprehensive product portfolio that includes latest technology solutions for strategic and operational aspects of the logistics business. With over two decades of expertise in the domain and their spirit of innovation and passion has helped the logistics companies to create greater impact globally. Softlink caters to more that 100000+ satisfied users in 4,500+ logistics companies spread across the world. Their global operations are handled by more than 300+ highly experienced employees along with 20 partners across 45+ countries globally.

APAC Business Headlines team had the opportunity to talk to Amit Maheshwari, CEO & MD of Softlink Global to get an insight into the secret of their long standing success. We dived into the company’s establishment story, vision, innovations, flagship products and challenges of the industry. We learned about the evolving journey of Softlink Global in bringing the latest innovation to the Freight and Logistics operators with their ability to foresee the future so as to keep their customers ahead always. 

How did Softlink Global start and with what goals or objectives in mind? How has your company gained the status of a leader in the logistics industry over the years?

Softlink Global was founded in 90s, with the aim to provide software solutions to the Customs Brokers Globally. We started with our first DOS based software application Impex which instantly became hugely popular among Customs Broker community in India. In the process we successfully proved ourselves to be an indispensable ally to the industry by simplifying complex Customs Processes. Soon after the success of the software we realized the challenges faced by the other verticals of logistics industry and made our mission to simplify entire Supply Chain Industry operations.

Our vision led us to develop Visual IMPEX, Visual AKASH and Visual SAMUDRA. All our applications were runaway successful. Our latest Cloud application Logi-Sys is aimed to Digitalize and Integrate End-to-End operation of entire Logistics Industry. including Freight Forwarders, Custom Brokers, Transporters, Warehouse and 3PL/4PL Operators, CFS etc. in more than 45+ countries. The highlight of truly browser based application is its ability to provide unmatched control over entire operations while helping companies to be fully compliant with ever changing regulations and integrating with all business partners.

Being number one since last two decades gives us immense satisfaction. We always envisioned to remain a leader in global logistics and supply chain technology solutions which inspired us to work hard. With our dedicated efforts, we are now regulatory compliant in more than 40+ countries.

Another area where we are successful is creating and nurturing our talent pool. Many of our teammates are with us since last twenty five years which makes them highly passionate for what they do which is the key to our success. We make it ensure that our employees get proper training of the latest technologies and exposure to come up with innovative ideas. Our exceptional Customer Support is the key differentiator factor that keeps us ahead in the competition. Our team not only handhold our customers during implementation but is also 24X7 ready to resolve any query. Above all, we are always the pioneer in bringing the latest technology in the market to keep our customers ahead in their business that helps them to leverage on the recent technological development to achieve maximum benefits at optimal cost.

According to you, what are the most important or essential points that contribute to the success of logistics operations? Shed some light on the biggest bottleneck areas or obstacles in the industry today.

Supply chain management plays a significant role in the current changing global economic structure. Today, it is common that goods are manufactured in one place and consumed in some other location. The finished products are then collected at mother warehouse and distributed across for the final consumption. Therefore, logistics is critical in mobilizing the current global economies.

Again, with the introduction of technologies like AI-powered advanced analytics, IoT sensors and rising power of internet, consumers nowadays emphasize on efficiency, cost saving, faster delivery, better transparency, production-on-demand, and instant availability of  status and immediate feedback and replacement. Moreover, availability of multiple options in the market increase in consumer knowledge and the ready availability of information have made it difficult for the companies to retain customers.

So there is no option left for the companies other than to adapt to every mechanism to satisfy the end customers.

In the technological era, customers expect to have complete visibility about every minute detail on their businesses transactions in real-time. Rhetoric methodologies such as delays & duplication of data, lacks transparent system effects the operations and results in high cost and increased processing time are the major challenges faced by the logistics industry.

Globally, industry stalwarts are trying to seal every obstacle and provide superior technology to overcome the nose-dives, and with Logi-Sys we are providing end-to-end software solutions to bring efficiency in our clients’ business operations. This cloud based application can manage finance, operational activities, sales & CRM and government compliances regulations in a single system on a user-friendly dashboard.         

Give us the essence of your software offerings and how customers are benefitting from them. Give us a glimpse into your technical and technological strengths that underpin your solutions.

Our flagship product Logi-Sys, a comprehensive ERP platform that enables you to manage Financial Accounting, Sales & Marketing and CRM modules with additional alerts and notification features to manage entire business in a single system.

It eliminates the industry bottlenecks, delays & duplication of efforts and enhances employee productivity by 40%. It provides real-time information for accurate and timely decision making that helps to reduce cost by 30 to 50% and higher customer satisfaction.

The future of logistics and supply chain industry will rely on better Management of Credits, Cash Flow and superior customer service with automated technology which provides intelligent business reporting tools and freedom to drive business at anytime from anywhere across any devices. This is what Logi-Sys is designed to do. It can easily collaborate with every stakeholders involved and connect every aspect of logistics and supply chain industry in a single platform.

To provide consistent customer services, we keep our customers always updated with our track and trace module in-built in our system. The application provides real-time updates, alerts and notifications and the integrated business intelligent reporting system helps to take critical decision for enhanced productivity and increased profitability. The CRM features can manage campaign, prospect, lead, activity, visit planning and quote generation from a single dashboard to manage customers.

Considering the current technological scenarios, “Digital Fitness” is the prerequisite for every business, including logistics and supply chain. We always ensure that we bring the latest innovation in the market to keep our customers ahead so that they can leverage the recent technological development to achieve maximum benefits at optimal cost.

According to you, what are the big challenges faced by customers with respect to freight forwarding and how are you addressing them? Bring out how your solutions help towards this.

The world is evolving with technologies, therefore adapting to the changes has become a priority. According to the report 50% (Source: PwC) of the forwarding industry lacks awareness on digital culture and training which leads to create bottleneck in the operations of Freight Forwarding industry. Nowadays industrial consumers expect to have services like individual customers with faster shipment, more flexibility and transparency at a lower price.

One big challenge in freight forwarders is the lack of seamless data exchange and transparency across their business verticals. People expect this. And freight forwarders should start accepting technological upgradation as an investment to meet dynamic customer expectations and stand ahead in competition.

Understanding the necessities we upgraded and developed our latest cloud based technology Logi-Sys which brings in in-built capabilities to manage finances, operations, sales & marketing with advanced CRM features to provide complete visibility on businesses in a single system. Our software facilitates a strong financial control to seize revenue leakage and intelligent business reporting system to make real-time business decision and mobile applications to give every size of forwarders for complete transparency on their business.

Over the years, Softlink Global Pvt. Ltd has successfully served thousands of clients all over the world. Tell us, how do you form and strengthen trust with your customers? 

Our strength has always been our ability to foresee the future requirement of the industry. Back in 90s we realized that the custom brokers were facing huge challenge to comply with cumbersome customs regulations. So we came with software IMPEX to make their life easy. Slowly, with the advent of cloud technology and customer requirement, we developed Cloud Application Logi-Sys to provide a single software solution to digitalize the entire operations of the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry.

Our employees are an integral part of our success. They give relentless input in Research & Development, implementation and hands-on support to our clients. Our 300+ dedicated employees across the globe handle the efficient functioning of the businesses and our customer care team ensures every query is listened, understood and provided with necessary support. We also provide opportunities to ensure their growth in every area, especially in the latest technologies.Above all, we believe in allowing our talents the freedom to explore and bring creativity, thus creates belongingness and passion for work.

Definitely, our customers are the pillars of our existence and our support team ensures that we guide them not only during implementation but deliver an exceptional customer support 24X7. We are always inspired with innovations to bring the latest technologies to our 4500+ clientele across the globe and help them increase their productivity and drive more revenue. We keep them ahead in their business through regular training & development programmes.

Please share your company’s future focus. What are the goals, the important updates or the developments everyone can expect from Softlink Global in the coming days?

Technology is changing businesses operations drastically and everyone is emphasizing on Ease-Of-Doing-Business with open market culture. Every business successes will heavily rely on ‘Digital Fitness’ with adoption of technology. Our innovative ERP software of Logi-Sys is developed to provide end-to-end solutions for any types of logistic operators.

We always ensure that we bring the latest innovation in the market that is integrated and bundled with our products and offerings. Our most advanced features of Mobile Applications help to track and trace every movement and take instant business decisions. We provide Customer Visibility Portal to gain access to track shipments, manage daily activities to efficiently run the operations and gain visibility on the ongoing processes and make informed business decision to seize the revenue leakages.


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