Energy Solution Providers: Inspiring the Business World towards the Vision of Sustainability


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Lincoln Watson, CEO, Energy Solution Providers

A focus on business sustainability unlocks powerful benefits: improved brand image, stronger ability to attract customers, employees and investors, greater productivity, higher profitability and reduced wastagealing with reduced risk. When your business embraces sustainable practices, you can use vital resources such as electricity, water and gas optimally—ensuring that resources are not wasted. This helps the environment, our future generations and your business as well. But exactly how can you do this?

The simple answer is data-driven intelligence.Like every modern business, yours too continually generates data, and an expert analysis of this data will uncover inefficiencies and identify how you can introduce the most value at a lower cost. It’s increasingly accepted today that data-driven businesses are highly effective and perform exceptionally well. But while awareness about data is important, only expert analysis guides organizations to quantify data well and identify accurate, actionable insights.

This is where Energy Solution Providers (ESP), New Zealand’s leadingand award-winning expert in data-driven business improvement solutions comes in.  As an experienced, forward thinking, and reliable company, ESP wants to help organizations build a sustainable future, use energy efficiently and reduce carbon emissions through data science, advanced AI analytics, Big Data techniques, smart engineering and human intelligence. “We were founded on the belief that better data supports better decision-making. We take a Big Data approach to target decarbonization and energy savings using remote monitoring, data analytics, data science and consultancy services to target and manage an organization’sutilities and assets”, says Lincoln Watson, the CEO.

Leading EdgeExpertise that Unlocks the Benefits of Data-Driven Intelligence

As our society advances, data grows exponentially worldwide and analyzing data is far too complex for people alone. This is why businesses combine human expertise with powerful technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics to simplify and strengthen decision-making. This is precisely how ESP functions—empowered by the latest technologies. Being the nation’s largest and most innovative utilities management service provider, ESP can guide almost any organization towards an objective awareness of data, to uncover actionable insights and to practice these in operational decision-making.

To help customers wield data’s immense power, ESP provides the most sophisticated data analytics tools available in the market. In fact, it not only helps clients improve measurably, but also guides them to continuously learn and improve with time.“As success gets promoted throughout a business we can align business metrics with their energy and utilities usage – so Directors, CxO’s and department heads can understand how business changes or growth affects their energy use”, Lincoln adds.

Moreover, ESP offers additional services: core monitoring, decarbonisation, energy audits, smart metering, tariff negotiations and more to help organizations efficiently manage utilities such as energy, gas, water and wastewater.

Dedicated Work Force and Tailored Services Supporting Diverse Organizations

“Over ESP’s lifetime, we have helped over 150 of New Zealand’s most recognized firms continually reduce their energy usage and carbon emissions to achieve their sustainability goals, reducing emissions by over 28,867tonnes CO2-e and saving over $40million at the same time”, Lincoln says. Some of these include Air New Zealand, ASB, Auckland Council, Webstar, Bayleys and Wellington City Council.ESP now serves diverse customers such as government bodies and private, commercial or industrial organizationsfrom all sectors.

In today’s quickly evolving environment, ESP places customers at the centre of everything they do. As each client faces unique challenges, they pay close attention to understand their pains, design tailored solutions and work collaboratively. As a testament to their success, clients have won awards from New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority virtually every year from 2001 to 2018.

As ESP publicly promotes the virtues of data, it is ESP’s employees: product team, data scientists, analysts, developers and customer support team who make success possible. “Values of customer focus, openness, collaboration, accountability and agility underpin how we work together,” Lincoln shares.

Towards Greater Professional Excellence and Service Capability

“ESP has achieved great results with fantastic customers to date. Through 2020 we will be accelerating our desire to make a difference”, Lincoln says. ESP is excited for the future. The company is in the process of a capital raise to accelerate its growth ambitions which is going very well, having already attracted new investors. ESP has done a great job with large New Zealand businesses and is now developing a new product designed for SMB’sand developing its platform to enable external consultancies to build their own business models.

As a Big Data user, the company sees the emergence of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence as a fantastic learning opportunity. As these technologies procure larger data sets, ESP can derive increasingly reliable insights, realize higher professional standards and further strengthen its philosophy of ‘data + insights = insights’. “So we expect 2020 to be a big year as we invest in our platform, expand our Machine Learning capability as we bring on board new resource and plan our expansion into other countries”, Lincoln sums up.


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