Unisun Japan Adds Smart O&M and Biomass Power Generation for Further Expansion in Energy Sector


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Recently, Unisun Japan, a subsidiary of Unisun Energy Group, has obtained the O&M qualification issued by the most influential and authoritative national certification body in Japan, JET (Japan Electrical & Environment Technology Laboratory). With more than five years of experience in the development and construction of new energy projects in Japan, Unisun announced the expansion of its business in Japan from solar project development, construction and O&M to intelligent O&M, biomass power generation and other specialties.

Yisha He, Chairwoman of Unisun, stated that Unisun Japan will rely on the efficient and convenient photovoltaic power station O&M platform independently developed by Unisun, and combine PV O&M technology with other cutting-edge technologies to enable intelligent O&M, thus raising power generation efficiency, reducing O&M costs, and providing the greatest possible range of professional services

In addition to the O&M field, Unisun Japan will also carry out technical cooperation on biomass with established companies in Japan. The head of Unisun Japan revealed that after two years of in-depth research and technical analysis, Unisun Japan has laid a solid foundation in the field of biomass. Moreover, concerning the fuel supply of biomass power generation, apart from establishing partnerships with local agricultural associations, Unisun Japan will also commence negotiations with internationally renowned fuel suppliers thanks to the Group’s international resources. Precise business positioning and superior international resources will secure stable fuel supply and strong technical support for Unisun Japan’s biomass power generation projects.

Japan is the world leader in the field of new energy applications, with a relatively high clean energy utilization rate. According to the 2018 FIT scheme for renewable energy recently released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, the FIT rate for PV has been revised down as expected. After a long period of development, Japan’s PV power generation market is now approaching saturation, with government subsidies declining year after year. The projects developed in early stages have basically entered construction or O&M phase. On the other hand, Unisun Japan’s innovative business model focuses on EPC, O&M, and biomass to seek further development in the Japanese market, proactively promoting the multi-utilization of clean energy.

About Unisun

As the largest distributed PV investor in China, Unisun is actively expanding its business overseas while enhancing its position in the Chinese market. As early as the beginning of 2013, Unisun established a branch in Tokyo and officially entered the new energy market in Japan. According to statistics, so far Unisun has developed projects with a total capacity exceeding 100MW in Japan. In 2014, it attained the EPC qualification issued by the governor of Tokyo, successfully delivering more than 20MW EPC projects; its 22.68MW complete EPM project in Iwaki, Fukushima is also expected to be completed by the end of July 2018.


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