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Dr. Leo Wong, Chief Scientific Officer, Alom Intelligence

Whilst data is considered extremely valuable in modern times, only a systematic analysis of data can unlock its value and usefulness. This also means that analysis can be meaningful only when based on good quality data. In today’s healthcare industry, poor data maintenance creates three big problems. First, unsorted data is increasingly stored in a disorganized way slowing down the key process of analysis. Second, data is often unavailable to the service providers and researchers who can derive useful insights. And third, the cost of analysis is steadily increasing.

Most healthcare service providers today practise a top-down approach to diagnose and treat illnesses. So, the initial series of diagnostic tests makes the entire process time-consuming and expensive for patients as well as hospitals. Moreover, the complex nature of medical data challenges clinicians’ ability to accurately identify ailments. This is why healthcare providers must adopt a technology-centred approach to provide effective services.

This is precisely where ALOM Intelligence Limited, one of Hong Kong’s top tech companies in healthcare, is taking the lead. The company is headed by Dr. Leo Wong, Chief Scientific Officer, with the support from experienced professionals from fields such as Artificial Intelligence, data science, biomedical science and finance. It was started in 2017 with the aim to address the need for quality and curated healthcare data.

Encouraging a Scientific and Technological Approach to Healthcare

The company primarily practises a scientific and technological approach to advance mankind’s depth of medical knowledge. As a forward-thinking business, ALOM Intelligence is introducing a new interdisciplinary approach to modern healthcare services. Practically, the company aims to advance and popularize the use of AI, machine intelligence and deep learning in healthcare as well as promote its brand of solutions to benefit the world.

Today, ALOM Intelligence is strengthening the critical component of decision-making in healthcare by applying innovative deep learning technology. It’s already applying its very own AI solutions to some of the most challenging biomedical projects in Hong Kong. 

Simplifying the Application of AI in Healthcare

By simplifying the way healthcare organizations make sense of the largely disorganized healthcare data, ALOM is ushering higher standards in medical decision-making. The company adopts a highly customizable approach to medical data analysis; not being bound by commercial libraries or toolboxes, it’s effective in raising positive outcomes. Moreover, its models are adaptable to high dimensional datasets, covering image recognition, voice recognition, time series and multi-dimensional datasets. The key learning processes and activation landscapes can be visualized easily, making it very simple to extract valuable insights from clients’ data. This can be a valuable professional skill for medical service providers today.

While some healthcare service providers do rely on AI to deliver better services, they still face challenges adapting to new AI techniques. Moreover, data privacy is another concern. This where ALOM provides a practical answer—by bridging conventional and traditional service providers with the latest advances in AI. The company’s service makes it easy for organizations to harness AI’s potential and realize tangible improvements in their day-to-day business. Additionally, the company ensures that organizations keep pace with the current privacy protection, policies and ethical standards.

“People are more likely to adopt new technology if they can see how it helps them to achieve their goals and objectives. Therefore, we align technology and strategy to drive our clients to adopt new technology,” Dr. Wong explains. ALOM’s team of professionals design the effective technological strategies that organizations can integrate into their workflow. Through automation, organizations can foster and practise a technology-centred approach to healthcare and maximise return on investments.

Promoting Employee Welfare: A Key Component of Business Success

ALOM Intelligence’s employees are integral to the success of the company as well as customers. This is why Dr. Wong regularly checks in with employees and conducts simple, confidential and consistent surveys, focus groups and discussions to understand their professional ups and downs. “I keep a pulse on how employees experience the company’s culture, what they value most and what they would like to see changed,” Dr. Wong shares his approach to promote employee welfare. As business manager and leader, he not only encourages honest feedback but also commits to making the necessary changes.

Leading Healthcare to a Hi-Tech Future

“Looking ahead, we will see ALOM Intelligence as a pioneer in deep learning application in the area of immunology and reproductive medicine,” Dr. Wong shares the company’s larger goal. The company will extend its knowledge and expertise to fields such as oncology and neuroscience in the future.

Today, ALOM Intelligence is making several developments and improvements to its technological competence to better treat In-Vitro Fertilization, identify various types of cancer and successfully predict cancer immunotherapies. Additionally, the company is heavily invested in improving its translational service and modernizing its overall services, mainly through a front-end application.  “We would like to take the advantages of using the web-based Electronic Medical Record platform for patient data collection, and for patient feedback and survey systems,” Dr. Wong sums it up.


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