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With the recent developments across the world on the economic, social, environmental and pretty much every other front that humanity has its hands upon, it could be argued that our world is slowly morphing into something eerily similar to what was described in Aldous Huxley’sdystopian ‘A Brave New World’. While all these concerns may point to the very distant future, the immediate and tangible present is not such a safe haven either with threats looming at every nook and corner of the world. All one has to do is step out of the door and the abnormality of our surroundings presents itself to which we are mostly oblivious. As most of this can be attributed to the proliferation of technology and the ever increasing number of users across the world, the answer can quite simple be found in technology itself. It would be safe to say that on an enterprise level the world today is broadly dividedinto three types of people- the ones that are trying to conduct business to make a living, the ones that are trying to infiltrate the systems which power businesses and finally the ones that are trying to defend the planet against such threats. Fighting on the side of this third group of people is the company IronYun.

CityEyes -The Future of Enterprise Video Management Software

The combined effort of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), one of Asia’s leading R&D centers, IronYun started out as a big data and research centre in 2009 with its US headquarters in St. Petersburg, FL. The versatility of Big Data prompted the founders to dedicate the next five years towards developing the first ever Video Operating System (VOS) for video search and video mining. This earned IronYun recognition as a purveyor of Hyper-converged, Deep Learning software products for the enterprise. Their flagship product CityEyes has the distinction of being the first product in the industry to offer built-in private cloud, big data video analytics and machine learning technologies. The primary issue pertaining to security faced by a majority of the enterprises across the world is the use of legacy systems for video surveillance and storage which have several deficiencies in several attributes including maintenance costs. IronYun here offers the game changer through CityEyes which comes with a private cloud, big data open architecture PaaS platform that will have integrated over 30 video analytics engines. “Video analytics algorithms include advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence software. The analytics engines include LPR (License Plate Recognition), Face Recognition, Intrusion detection, Object detection and identification software,” explains Paul K. Sun, President and CEO, IronYun. This enables enterprises to future proof their Video Surveillance infrastructure. However transitioning into this next generation cloud and big data video infrastructure can be quite a hassle. IronYun to this end offers a team of expert professional service engineers and consultants who will help customers transition into the new systems with ease.

AI Deep Learning Based Video Analytics

IronYun’s CityEyes runs on their patented artificial intelligence deep learning based video analytics algorithms which has considerably advantages over legacy computer vision algorithms. One of the primary advantages of the deep learning system is that it can be continuously trained and improved with better and more datasets. Many applications have shown that deep learning systems can “learn” to achieve 99.9% accuracy for certain tasks, unlike rigid computer algorithms where it is very difficult to improve a system past 95% accuracy. Another major advantage of IronYun’s system is the “abnormal” event detection. “TheDeep learning system has shown remarkable ability to detect undefined or unexpected events. This feature has the true potential of significantly reduce false positive detection events that plagues many security video analytics systems,” explains Paul. The later attribute could also serve as a major selling point for organizations that generally shy away from video analytics solutions due to their general tendency to display false positives.

The Road Ahead

CityEyes’ success in North America, Asia and the 2016 Gold for Cloud Award in Taiwan that IronYun thereby earned for its exceptional performance in Taiwan, have not deterred the organization’sfrom dedicating most of their time inupdating their product to improve its effectiveness and the user experience. IronYun is constantly working with its partners to deploy their unique brand of leading edge cloud, big data and artificial intelligence video search solutions to their customers who are spread over 10 countries. “We strive to exceed our customer’s expectation in all aspects of our products and solutions,”says Paul.


IronYun’s CityEyes runs on their patented artificial intelligence deep learning based video analytics algorithms which has considerably advantages over legacy computer vision algorithms


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