Smart Mirror: The magic behind it


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own magic mirror? Imagine a mirror that gives you tricks and tips on how to look better and gives you health advice as soon as you look at it. Not only this, but it can also give you other practical information such as how heavy is the traffic in your area or how the weather will be for the full day. Sounds like a Hollywood sci-fi movie scene? Well, this is the reality today. We can actually get remarks on our look with the revolutionary technology called the smart mirror.

Based on artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the internet of things, the smart mirror is able to adjust the image, including the clothes you wear to your hairstyle, hair color, and makeup to create a very realistic augmented reflection of yours. Moreover, if you are having a bad day, this smart mirror is also capable of showing your health information – from your cholesterol level to diabetes indicators. In brief, smart mirrors are capable of scanning our face, body and recognizing emotions that help us to organize our daily life while taking care of our health

Origin of the smart Mirror

It was in the year 2013 when smart mirrors or connected mirrors appeared in the fitting rooms of ready-to-wear stores. The goal is to equip stores with smart mirrors to offer a whole new experience to the customers. Unlike the traditional mirror, smart mirrors are equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and the Internet of Things to enhance customer experience. The reason behind the smart mirror is to add a futuristic look to the mirror while allowing the object to interact with the user and offer a host of features to the users to save time.

What exactly a smart mirror can do?

Like many smart devices, it’s hard to imagine how useful it can be until you use one. Similarly, the big advantage of a smart mirror is the ability to display useful information without having to open apps or do anything. 

For Example: Imagine the mirror in your bathroom is the smart mirror. Every morning you wake up and go to the bathroom to get ready. Standing in front of the mirror while brushing teeth or getting ready, you receive all the information for the day such as weather forecast, email, calendar or estimated traffic to reach your destination. Being able to assimilate all this useful information without interrupting your usual routine is what makes the smart mirror most unique.  Besides personal use, Smart mirrors are also used in the number of commercial purposes such as clothing shops, beauty shops, barbershops, kiosk mall, and many more.

Without touching the products, you can browse on how the particular product will look upon you through the installed smart mirror.

Another special feature of the smart mirror is it can even protect your home when you are away from home. With the integrated camera and motion detector equipped in it, the smart mirror identifies the faces of the inhabitants of the house and those of the strangers. If a stranger’s face is detected, it automatically clicks the picture of the person and sends it to the connected phone. In this way, you can immediately notify the competent authorities regarding the protection of your home.

Features of Smart Mirror

You can customize your mirror to display whatever you find useful. Want a news feed for specific topics or Want to see stock price movements? Then you can just add the module to your smart mirror. There are literally hundreds of different modules that other people have created for the smart mirror. Thus, you can fully customize your smart mirror by choosing the modules you want to include.

Here are some ideas for features you could include in your smart mirror:

Touch screen: adding a touch to your smart mirror allows you to interact with it

  • LED lighting: a simple LED strip around your smart mirror can add great lighting functionality to your room
  • Motion detector: automatically turns on your smart mirror when you enter your room
  • Voice control: ask questions or give commands to your mirror
  • Facial recognition: your mirror can detect who is in the room and personalize the content according to each person.

Wrapping Up

All the above scenarios are just a glimpse of how our real life is improving with the smart mirror. In the future, smart mirrors will be able to do even more fantastic things, such as detecting people’s postural problems and even noticing differences in users’ skin that may indicate a dermatological problem, warning them that it would be a good idea to seek medical attention.


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