Technology trends to consider in 2020


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Predicting the future is not a simple task, and when we talk about technology, the mission even gets more complicated. It is an undeniable fact that technology has marked important contributions in our lives. A simple example: the concept of digital transformation has become a reality today. Powerful business leaders like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, have courageously leveraged the trending technologies to improve the user experience and completely change their daily lives.

Technology has completely revolutionized our world and the way we do business in recent decades. As 2019 has ended and we have entered a new decade, the world of technology will change even more and that too at a rapid pace. Therefore, the companies and people who don’t keep up with the major technology trends are always on the verge of being left behind in this competitive landscape. Understanding the key trends will help people to prepare themselves and their businesses for significant growth and take advantage of these opportunities in 2020. 

In this post, we share with you the seven most imminent technology trends that everyone should prepare for in 2020 that will change almost all aspects of personal and professional life.

  • Cybersecurity – It is one of the most important issues in the current technological landscape and will continue to be so in the coming years since it influences in a transversal way in a variety of industries. With the rise of cyberattacks, all those issues related to defense against external threats and internal data protection is the main concerns of IT managers in almost all organizations. Therefore, business leaders should fully adopt the new data management and protection framework to protect their organizations from the data breach.
  • Artificial Intelligence – One of the main objectives of the digital agenda is the advancement of the system capable of learning and adapting to improve computer performance, once they are programmed. In this sense, artificial intelligence is considered as one of the most transformative technological developments over time. Artificial intelligence is and will always be the base tool to improve the user experience and optimize business operations in a variety of industries. Therefore, the companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft already offer machine-learning solutions and training materials without paying a high-price for it. And, in this year subscription models for AI tasks are very likely to be developed and also we will see broader adoption of AI technology in the market. This means that no company will have excuses for not using AI in their organizations.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – IoT forms the basis of the next industrial revolution and is considered as the next great novelty in home automation technology. Today we see that there is an invasion of IoT in everybody lives, homes and offices and even in cities and transportation. By the end of this decade, we intend to see 50 billion interconnected objects where owners can control everything in their homes, from lighting to temperature. 
  • 5G Networks – Maybe the 5G network is already working in some terminals; soon everyone will have this technology, making the Internet much faster. And it is that the increase in bandwidth will offer a much faster connection speed with a simple installation process, as well as facilitate the use of drones and autonomous cars. This will make communication between smart vehicles much faster, constituting a fundamental component for the smart cities of the future. Its deployment will allow new business models in the field of Industry 4.0, and also major advances in the development of services linked to IoT will provide improvements in speed and latency. Not only would it enrich the user experience by offering higher data rates when we talk about virtual reality or augmented reality, but it will also favor security, which is where the latency point comes in. It is estimated that with a 3G network a movie takes 26 hours to download while with 5G the download time will get reduce to 3.6 seconds.


In this era of the globalized economy, we see that there is an unprecedented invasion of changes in the social, economic and technological areas. Technological trends will change the way we do business in the future. The possibilities and benefits offered by these technologies are apparently endless. Most experts believe that adopting these highly advanced technologies in our society and workforce will definitely improve our daily lives, both professionally and personally.


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