3 Ways Technology has reshaped the workplaces


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Have you ever wondered how MNCs work by collaborating with thousands of employees and clients from all around the globe, and that too in real-time? Well, it’s all because of the biggest wonder of the 21st century i.e. the invention of technology. Technology in the workplace is like a facilitator that makes the whole process easier while keeping the entire workflow smooth and on track. Today, we have got access to a variety of business management software such as Netsuite, Bitrix 24, QuickFMS, etc that enables business pioneers to stay sorted and up-to-date in terms of business profits.

Not too long ago, workplaces were totally in a mess with a lot of paperwork to be dealt with. And of course the classic meeting rooms clogged up with the entire office staff and piles of memos to get the task done on time—these were the common scenarios in almost every organization. For decades, companies have struggled with their onshore communication that tends to cost a pretty penny. 

However, the influx of modern technologies has dramatically reshaped the workplaces into a more productive environment than ever. Unlike earlier days, now there is no need to pay heavy expenses for client meetings and the communication has become seamless and easier than ever. 

Here is a quick look at some of the influences of technology in workplaces:

  • Shared Workspaces – In case you are wondering what shared spaces I am talking about.  Let me tell you it’s not about the shared co-working spaces where techies work together in a communal setting instead of a traditional office setup. I am talking about the shared virtual workspace such as Google Docs. This cloud-based tool enables to work both online and offline along with its sharing features. With Google docs, you can work in groups only by sharing documents and files with those people and enable them to edit or just view. This unique software involves unique features for users, such as the ability to work, share, and collaborate from anywhere.  Another boon featured by Google docs is all changes are saved automatically as you type, and a revision history tool shows you older versions of the doc, with who made what changes. Other online shared spaces such as Podio and Salesforce/Dreamforce offers a work community similar to a social network site where work documents can be shared to colleagues or manager along with the updates, schedules, meeting notes, and everybody’s contact information. Thanks to modern technology, which has made it possible to keep everyone updated while completing the task in a team neither meeting five times a day nor email everyone constantly.
  • Risk of Security Breaches – Previously, businesses had a hard time staying on the top of the competitive marketplace because they were extremely vulnerable to threats like corporate espionage. However, with the use of modern technologies such as cloud storage or IoT, businesses today are safer than before. Nowadays, almost every single organization has implemented proper security channels to prevent data breaches while allowing important information to stay safe. Additionally, these technologies also help to keeps an eye on employee’s online communication and activities that they don’t get involved in any illegal practice against the company’s interest.
  • Communication in the business environment – The arrival of smartphones, social networking sites, and chat apps has brought communication to a whole new level in the business environment. Communication of business management with employees has become fast, transparent and more unified than before.  Today, Gmail or hot mail is as common as a human having a birth certificate or perhaps more common than this. And, a business person doesn’t have so much time to respond to each of the mail in the mailbox. But, with the help of modern technologies such as MailChimp or icontact offer the businessmen to email thousands of people with just one click. Moreover, with social networking sites such as Whatsapp, skype or in zoom call you can even video conference with the employees who are not present in the workplace physically.

Wrapping Up

As we can see the impact of technology in the workplace is incredible. It has replaced the way traditional workspaces used to work. It’s up to the business owners to stay up – to –date with the evolving pace of technologies in the most productive manner. Entrepreneurs cannot afford to compromise with their business efficiency, productivity, and security. By implementing modern technologies and customized software, business pioneers can ensure optimal profitability and productivity in their workplace.


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