Strategies to start a business from scratch


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You have a goal and it is to start a company from scratch, but, you fear failure and you avoid it? The first ingredient that you should consider is being a person determined to achieve what you want. The project you have in mind must be good enough to make it last over time. 

It is not a mystery but, being an entrepreneur can be quite interesting if you know which way to go. Your life could change overnight if you have that everyone needs in these cases. However, before starting and launching the startup, it is important that you study some steps well before doing so. 

Thus, in this article, we will give you some practical tips on how to start a business from scratch.

Tips to start a business from scratch

Try to choose the safest path

The first step is to plan financially. You should never start a company that has a higher cost than what you have. Another thing that you should not do is to open a venture in which you have no knowledge. So, it’s better to always choose a business segment, where your passion exists, or where you can identify yourself. 

An interesting way out is to take advantage of opportunities in the digital market. Through programs like the Start Your Business on the Internet Program, you can develop your digital products and services and scale your business from scratch.

Make sure your business idea is viable and necessary

Nowadays, the impression is that all kinds of business ideas already exist and have been used, even those that seem not to be viable. For example, if you create an app that makes advance table reservations to avoid restaurant queues, but that app is only available in small towns that don’t have many restaurant options. And, here the idea is not exactly viable. 

That is why it is so important not only to know your target audience but also to know the location where you initially want to set up your business. If there is no market for your product or service, your company will consequently not be successful.

Invest in marketing

Do you think it’s too early to plan marketing? Time to rethink this idea! Marketing is not just to promote your products after the store is already operating. You are responsible for adding new customers to get to know your business. 

The objective of marketing is to attract the potential consumers, your so-called prospects and allowing them to know about your products and services. It is time to work to lead them through the so-called sales funnel. The pipeline, or funnel, is the path that your company should plan to follow with the consumer, taking them from the first interest in the store to the loyalty of that customer.

Create a sales strategy 

As we all know, competition is increasingly fierce, and consumers are more aware when making a purchase. So, you need to put together a good marketing and sales strategy to attract customers to your new business and generate first sales. So, have a survey to find out which channels your target audience is on and how your brand can appear to them. Your potential customers are on Facebook, so create a page for your business and start producing content to attract and connect with them. 

Also, define your company’s differentials and how you will convince the customer to buy the products or services. Will you offer any discounts, bonus or free shipping? Put your strategy on paper.


It’s time to look at your checklist: if you are organized, and planning is in place, then it’s time to start entrepreneurship. You are at the beginning of a path that will bring many surprises, and that can change your life. It will be quite a learning experience, so enjoy the new journey and your new business!


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