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Jon Arnup, President And CEO , Trent Port Services Ltd

Providing high-quality services with best in class efficiency and consistency can result in a better understanding of an organization in the market. Jon Arnup and the founding team members were all previously working for the large global port operators of this world, in various line manager, regional and corporate head office positions. “Having worked with a number of port-related consultants and equipment manufacturers and realizing that very few – if any – had lived, worked and survived inside a terminal – we felt that in 2016 it was time to start Trent and offer a suite of services and solutions to the port industry – wherever they were located in the world,” says, Jon Arnup, Founder & CEO of the company.

Trent occupies a unique position in a market; it is an internationally seasoned and populated by a culturally groomed team of port professionals who have collectively spent more than 100 years of their lives operation and managing within the container terminal itself for some of the world’s largest port operators.

The services provided by the company delivers the value and quality the customers need to thrive, combining unparalleled port experience with an authentic dedication to developing long-term partnerships that help decision-makers get things done, and get things done right.

Trent’s Range of Services

The global port industry continues to report strong growth, fuelling an ever-increasing demand for new services, solutions, and products to break away from legacy systems and practices. 

Port Equipment Services and Solutions

This includes enhanced equipment audits, Crane services, equipment upgrades, and refurbishments, electrical drive and PLC system upgrades, structural crane inspections and training, full finite element analysis modeling of crane structures, the design, procurement, and replacement of aeging and obsolete components on all equipment types, Crane lifecycle management, and Crane life assessment and extension.

Port Development and Services

The company performs a range of brown or greenfield port development services, ensuring all equipment, facilities, civil, validations, acquisitions, and performance checks are performed to the highest standard. 

Terminal Equipment Procurement

Trent’s internationally proven turn-key procurement solutions can be adapted to all ports and projects of all sizes. From the creation or procurement of port equipment specifications (including tendering, negotiations, evaluations, and award), to the design, development, customization, and delivery of complex port equipment, our team delivers an end-to-end project management capability. 

Port Technology and Automation

Businesses can leverage tailored implementation, support, and pricing solutions suit terminal needs and collaborate with a been-there-done-it-all team that cares about the company’s precise requirements. “Our proven port technology strategies are delivered by Trent in close collaboration with a field of specialized and established industry partners. Our approach embraces AI technologies, autonomous operations, and automated solutions for ports, terminal systems, and equipment,” asserts Arnup. Its services, technology, and solutions include AI, Autonomous, Automation, TrentSIM, Trent TPI, iSpec, Digilife, and fully outsourced strategic equipment procurement services.

“We design and build solutions to meet your strategic goals and objectives, in line with any budgetary constraints – put simply, we create solutions that everyone can afford,” says Arnup.

Currently, the main two technologies used by the company are under Port Technology & Automation and they are:

  1. Trent Moscord Global E-Marketplace for spare parts and products.
  2. The iSpec solution that allows Trent to deliver a ‘Fully Outsourced Strategic Equipment Procurement Services’ solution for the customers.

Future Focus of the Company

Trent is an incredible network covering multiple disciplines and fields of knowledge, experience, and expertise. Today, the company has worked and delivered solutions in 26 countries, from Brazil/Ecuador across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. It also has strategic partnerships in place with one of the largest civil engineering companies in the world, allowing Trent to focus on all things ‘autonomous and automated’ where it can offer a holistic turn-key transition for terminals green or brownfield.

The company is looking forward to growing organically with an aim to open offices in countries either closer to the markets where the team works or in the country closest to the customer. It also aspires to become ‘The World’s Local Port Solutions Provider.’


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