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Ali Kassab, Group Chairman, Centurion Network

The outburst of the global pandemic COVID-19 has engulfed nations of the world in 2020. With the pandemic invading the world, a serial entrepreneur, H.E Ali Kassab, group chairman of Centurion & Co, realized that it’s a social responsibility and a world necessity to establish a digital online platform. A platform that grants easy access to people and companies around the world to reach the required medical equipment to fight and protect against the pandemic and help minimize its impact on humanity, in alignment with one of its group values Centurion & Co as “Fairness to society”. To achieve this goal, Ali founded Centurion Network in April 2020, the first digital supply chain platform offering secured and easy workspace for buyers and traders to access thousands of production lines and large available stocks globally for certified medical and innovation equipment.

Since its inception, the company has grown very quickly to a team of 40 people working from different countries around the world. The company has established different departments and offices across more than 10 countries that include France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Lebanon, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the USA. 

The company has managed to have 50,000+ users at disposal on their platform, in addition to 3,000+ active buyer with global demographics supported by 100+ accredited and certified vendors globally. 

“Due to high business demand and our bullet-proof secure services, we have managed to achieve more turnover of around 20M USD since business launching with the expectation to close around 100M USD by end of the fiscal year 2020,” states Ali.

The Vision and Mission of the Company

Centurion Network offers organizations with E-secure supply and easy Trade B2B platform connecting them to +10,000 verified medical supplies with certified manufacturers. The team works efficiently to qualify and approve products and factories overseas in more than 10 to guarantee order execution and relation with suppliers with the presence of local agents. The company offers a 5-star level service that is secure, fast, and reliable which positively impacts the investment outcome of clientele in terms of quality, speed of service, and security.

The company aims to offer the easiest and most secure way to procure and supply products and a selection of medical supplies at the best possible price from accredited and certified vendors. It aspires to globally lead the digital market-place and supply chain in medical supplies and innovation in all work environments post Covid-19.

Centurion Network’s mission is to develop and deliver the best digital automated process on a bullet-proof secure and digitalized platform. It also aims to achieve the most user-friendly experience between vendors and buyers and to execute the process of procurement and supply of medical products at the best possible price from accredited and certified vendors.

Aims to be a One-Stop Shop for all B2B Medical Industries

Centurion Network is an extremely progressive firm with constant development, planning, execution of improvement plans in terms of products, quality of services, and technology. Currently, the company is in the phase of implementing Fully Digitalized & Automated Bidding Workspace which is its next technology evolution stage. It will be launched at the beginning of the 1st quarter in 2021, where buyers will have the ability to go into the marketplace and digitally bid on products with a guaranteed bullet-proof and secure environment with a paperless process predefined as per the SOP of the seller. 

“We also aim to transform our marketplace into a collaborative bidding workspace moderated by centurion network agents that allow buyers and sellers to meet and process all required steps in a secured environment,” says Ali.

Becoming an Automated Bidding Platform will solve the major challenges buyers are facing nowadays such as Buyers credibility trust, Payment Safety & Security, product legitimacy and certifications, Legal & commercial documents preparation where it will be all provided and handled digitally through its Smart Contract Enabling. 

In addition to its constant onboarding plan of new accredited and certified vendors for a wider range of products, the company is launching new categories of products that complement the companies medical equipment range and aims to be a one-stop-shop for all B2B medical industries.

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