Sparkle: Providing Best-in-Breed Connected Services


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Cloud has been a revolutionary technology for the world. Exchange of data, communication, and business operations were changed significantly with the arrival of cloud technology. It has been such a positive force for the global business. Yet the fullest potential of the technology is still to be unleashed. We continue to explore this field of technology constantly to improve business as well as everyday life. Partnering with those that are at the leading edge of this technology can be a game-changing strategy in a business environment that is aggressively competitive.

One company that has been at the forefront of cloud technology is Sparkle, the international service provider and wholly owned subsidiary of TIM Group. Established in 2003 with headquarters in Rome, Italy, and with a commercial presence distributed over 36 countries worldwide, the company stands in the market as a highly experienced international provider with the best pool of talents and infrastructure and with a deep understanding of the best way to utilize the technology.

Providing World-class Connected Services by Leveraging Cloud technology

Sparkle is a leading international connectivity service provider that leverages cloud technology. Services includes a complete range of IP, Data, Cloud, Data Center, Mobile and Voice solutions designed to meet today’s ever-changing needs of Fixed and Mobile Operators, ISPs, OTTs, Media & Content Players and Application Service Providers, amongst others.

Through its proprietary global backbone of about 530,000 km of fiber, Sparkle has established a strong presence in APAC, Europe, America, and the Middle East. It has also over time enhanced its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) providing a full range of integrated solutions including traditional telecom services such as Point-to-Point interconnections, managed bandwidth, MPLS, Internet as well as IT and cloud services.

The company has selected technology partners who are able to guarantee cutting-edge technologies that are scalable, easily integrated to meet every unique requirement of the market. Mario Di Mauro, CEO of the company, explains, “Our business model aims both to integrate our core services as connectivity with IT and cloud and to create an ecosystem in which different players have a role in the growth of our offering, including security, consulting and managed services.”

Core Offerings with high Competitive Advantages

Currently, Sparkle offers resilient co-location solutions in several data centers worldwide, with key assets and strong presence in Italy, Greece and Turkey as well as through third-party facilities. Most of Sparkle’s data centers have been realized by extending existing Submarine Cables Landing Stations. This method enables a features-rich ecosystem where carrier and networks find the perfect environment to interconnect with Sparkle and between them. “Today Sparkle handles the best interconnected neutral datacenters, offering the richest ecosystems in their geographies,” says Mr. Di Mauro. In addition, the company is now expanding these ecosystems in other areas with high-power electrical grid facilities.

In the cloud landscape, Sparkle has built a competitive ICT offering based on state-of-art technologies. The services include VMware for Private IaaS cloud environment, Veeam, and Zerto for BUaaS and DRaaS services, AWS and Microsoft as public cloud resources. In addition, the company collaborates with top ICT partners to provide multiple PaaS and SaaS solution, through its e-marketplace YourCloudStore, an on-the-shelf type platform. Sparkle enables its customers and partners to manage their multi-cloud environment combining hybrid solutions with connectivity, security, and applications through Sparkle’s orchestrator platform Cloudblue, allowing third-party solutions to be integrated over time in the cloud ecosystem extending their benefits to all the participants. CloudBlue is Sparkle’s hyper-convergent platform that automates the Operations Support Systems and Business Support Systems processes related to the various connected services and orchestrates customized service plans based on customer requirements.

Serving business of all sizes, clients experience a huge cost saving and improved security by partnering with Sparkle. “Security is in Sparkle’s DNA,” says Mr. Di Mauro. The company provides a state of the art DDos protection and a tunnel IPsec technology aimed to secure their global IP network.

Continue Improvement and Expansion  

By fostering a culture of transparency and care for customers, the company has built a strong client base worldwide. Sparkle continues to invest in the Data Center business, building new facilities, implementing the latest technology infrastructure, hiring highly skilled personnel and evaluating new partnerships. Mr. Di Mauro says, “Aiming at continuous improvement, we are investing in R&D activities to evolve our network technologies and architecture by adopting MEF’s concept of Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) thus enabling customers with end-to-end management of the connectivity solutions purchased.” He adds, “We are also developing our ICT value proposition integrating our network environment with IT/cloud services connecting Cloudblue platform to orchestrate the mix of our portfolio services and to automate the OSS and BSS processes related to entire ICT business of end customers.” In addition, Sparkle also plans to grow in Enterprise Networking and Cloud, opening new PoPs and implementing SD-WAN technologies.


  1. The company stands in the market as a highly experienced international provider with the best pool of talents and infrastructure.
  2. By fostering a culture of transparency and care for customers, the company has built a strong client base worldwide.


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