Soilbuild: A Prominent Builder in the Construction Industry


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Lim Chap Huat, Executive Chairman, Soilbuild

In the annals of entrepreneurship, there are stories that transcend the realm of mere business access. They are the tales of individuals who rise above humble beginnings, defying the odds to build empires that leave an indelible mark on the world. Such stories are a testament to the power of human potential and the limitless possibilities that lie within every individual. Their journey exemplifies the transformative nature of determination and resilience and has made them emerge as embodiments of inspiration and brilliance. From navigating the intricate challenges of limited resources to overcoming societal barriers, these individuals forge their own path by leaving an enduring legacy that inspires generations to come.

Embark on a captivating exploration as we delve into the remarkable journey of Lim Chap Huat, a visionary business leader whose narrative encapsulates the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit and the profound impact it can have on the world. From humble beginnings to scaling new heights, Lim’s journey is a testament to the power of hard work and determination. Born into a modest family, he experienced the hardships of poverty firsthand. However, his unwavering determination to break free from the constraints of destitution burned brightly within him. With a strong work ethic, Lim wasted no time in undertaking various odd jobs and tirelessly working during school breaks to contribute to his family’s income. So, armed with a top-tier university degree and excellent academics, Lim ventured into the world of construction. While working as an intern for a consultant engineer, he observed the success of young contractors and recognised the potential for a prosperous livelihood within the construction industry.

Fueled by determination and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Lim co-founded a company, pooling $5000 with three partners. And so, Soilbuild was born. Although they faced initial challenges, their unwavering commitment to honesty, client satisfaction, and word-of-mouth referrals gradually paved the path to success. Today, Soilbuild has emerged as a prominent construction organisation in Singapore and is renowned for its innovative approach and exceptional track record. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Soilbuild serves esteemed construction establishments and fosters enduring relationships by delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

The Path to Prosperity

Established in 1976, Soilbuild marked its early years by perseverance as the team weathered financial setbacks and worked tirelessly to establish its reputation. Their honest practices, cost-saving advice to clients, and meticulous attention to detail set them apart. The construction boom of 1980 propelled Soilbuild to new heights, with Lim personally overseeing multiple projects simultaneously. The team at Soilbuild has also fostered strong relationships with public sector agencies in Singapore. With an impressive track record in executing public sector projects, the company has gained the trust and confidence of agencies such as the Housing and Development Board (HDB), Land Transport Authority (LTA), and Public Utilities Board (PUB). Further solidifying Soilbuild’s position as a preferred partner for prestigious government projects, the trust has opened doors to new opportunities. 

In addition to its success in Singapore, Soilbuild expanded its construction business into Myanmar, securing several contracts and further strengthening its presence in the region. The company’s expertise and professionalism have garnered praise and trust from both local and international clients, establishing Soilbuild as a reputable player in the global construction industry. 

An Innovative Expansion

Lim’s foray into property development proved to be a pivotal moment that pushed him towards even greater achievements. With each project, he displayed a remarkable ability to adapt and seize opportunities, quickly establishing a reputation for delivering quality developments. As his portfolio grew, encompassing a diverse range of properties, from residential houses to commercial complexes, Lim’s vision and business acumen continued to drive his success. His keen eye for emerging market trends, coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence, allowed him to navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape with skill.

Not content with resting on his laurels, Lim extended his reach to encompass industrial, commercial, and business space properties. Understanding the importance of catering to the diverse needs of businesses, he embarked on projects that provided cutting-edge facilities, flexible layouts, and strategic locations. This expansion allowed Soilbuild to become a trusted partner for businesses seeking functional and well-designed spaces that enhance productivity and foster growth. “Building greatness goes beyond bricks and mortar; it is about creating spaces that inspire”, affirms Lim as he continues to shape urban landscapes with Soilbuild.

Visionary Leadership Inspires Success 

Embracing a culture of innovation, Lim Chap Huat, the visionary leader behind the company, has transformed Soilbuild into a thriving organisation where creativity flourishes and employees are empowered to reach new heights. This culture of innovation not only sparks creativity but also fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment among the employees. However, Mr. Lim’s visionary outlook and distinctive leadership approach have fostered an environment of creativity and forward-thinking at the company. By nurturing a culture that embraces innovation, he empowers employees to break free from conventional boundaries and embrace uncharted territories that open doors to endless possibilities. “If you are transparent, have no intention to cheat, and treat people fairly, things will fall into place”, asserts Lim, who has never laid off employees or cut salaries in over four decades of business.

Rising from humble beginnings, the visionary leader believes his transformative leadership has propelled the company to new heights. Confronted with various challenges, his resilience and insatiable thirst for knowledge moved him forward, garnering him respect in the realms of both business and philanthropy. As Soilbuild continues its expansion, his indomitable spirit serves as an inspirational force by leaving an indelible imprint on Singapore’s construction landscape and inspiring countless individuals to pursue their aspirations.


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