Shocking News! Indonesia Increases Tax Incentives for EV Sales


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The Indonesian government recently announced a series of tax breaks for EV sales to encourage the use of electric vehicles (EVs) and reduce carbon emissions. These incentives are intended to make EVs more affordable and accessible to the general public, thereby encouraging the shift to cleaner and more sustainable transportation options.

Tax Exemptions and Reductions

The Indonesian government has implemented several key incentives, including the exemption of luxury goods sales tax (PPnBM) for fully electric vehicles. This tax break applies to both locally manufactured and imported EVs, making them more cost-effective than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

In addition to the luxury goods sales tax exemption, the government has reduced the vehicle ownership tax (PKB) for electric vehicles. This reduction, which lowers the overall cost of ownership, aims to incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles. The government hopes that lowering the PKB will encourage more Indonesians to consider EVs as a viable and sustainable mode of transportation.

According to new rules announced late Tuesday, Indonesia will remove the luxury tax on EVs for the fiscal year 2024 and the import tax until the end of 2025. It will also reduce value-added tax for EV buyers to 1% from 11% this year, extending a tax break that had previously expired at the end of 2023.

Supporting the Local EV Industry

Tax breaks for EV sales benefit consumers while also promoting the growth of the local EV industry. The Indonesian government has set a target of having 20% of all vehicles sold in the country be electric by 2025. Offering these tax breaks will attract investment and stimulate the development of a strong EV manufacturing ecosystem in the country. 

Furthermore, the government has provided tax breaks and other incentives to local manufacturers of EV components and batteries. This move is intended to encourage domestic production of EV components, thereby reducing reliance on imports and boosting local economies.

Infrastructure Development

Recognizing the importance of a dependable charging infrastructure for widespread EV adoption, the Indonesian government is also investing in charging stations throughout the country. This infrastructure development is critical to reducing range anxiety and ensuring that EV owners have easy access to charging stations.

The government is working with public-private partnerships to build a network of charging stations in strategic locations such as major cities, highways, and public parking lots. Providing EV owners with a dependable and easily accessible charging infrastructure, this initiative aims to address one of the primary barriers to EV adoption.

Environmental Benefits

There is a desire to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change that motivates tax breaks for EV sales in Indonesia. EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, which reduces air pollution and improves urban air quality.

Switching to electric vehicles in Indonesia can significantly reduce its reliance on fossil fuels while also contributing to global climate change mitigation efforts. The government’s tax incentives are an important step toward accelerating the adoption of EVs and achieving a more sustainable transportation sector.


The Indonesian government’s tax incentives for EV sales are a significant boost to the country’s efforts to promote sustainable transportation. The government intends to make EVs more affordable and appealing to consumers by exempting luxury goods from sales taxes and lowering vehicle ownership taxes.

Furthermore, these incentives promote the expansion of the local EV industry and the establishment of a strong manufacturing ecosystem.  With the investment in charging infrastructure, Indonesia is well-positioned to accelerate EV adoption while also reaping the environmental benefits of cleaner and greener transportation.


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