SgurrEnergy: Committed To Achieving the Global Vision of a Carbon-Neutral Planet


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Arif Aga, Director, SgurrEnergy

The planet is warming up. Sea levels are rising, glaciers are melting, cloud forests are dying, and wildlife is struggling to keep up. And the main driver of today’s warming is the increasing emission of greenhouse gases.It has become evident that the majority of the warming over the last century is caused by these heat-trapping gases known as greenhouse gases. Now, to avoid the worst effects of climate change, the world must reduce net carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2050. It also necessitates a rapid global deployment of renewable energy.

So, as the world progresses toward clean energy adoption and rapid energy transition, SgurrEnergy, a leading engineering consultancy specializing in renewable energy projects, has been an enabler in assisting corporations and governments worldwide in realizing their green energy goals. It offers unparalleled advisory, design and multidisciplinary engineering expertise in the development of sustainable engineering solutions, ensuring the highest quality while adhering to strict budget constraints, completing projects on time, and with favorable project economics. “SgurrEnergy’s advisory experts fully comprehend the challenges and dynamics of the global renewable energy industry and extend the thorough benefit to the project developers, owners, and lenders in developing and implementing high-performance renewable energy projects,” opines Arif Aga, the Director of SgurrEnergy.

A Hallmark of Engineering Excellence

SgurrEnergy commenced its journey in 2002 in Glasgow, the UK with a vision to excel in renewable energy consulting.From the beginning, SgurrEnergy has always focused on providing customers with nothing less than the best in class service and support with its in-depth experience and this is the reason it has grown enormously over the years in wind energy, assessing over 160GW of projects all over the world. Looking at its success and amazing customer response, the company further expanded its wings to India and thus SgurrEnergy India came into existence in 2007 to provide technical advisory and engineering services for solar power projects around the world. Today, it stands tall as one of the leading reputed solar engineering consultancies offering 360° services over the complete project lifecycle. “Our services are tailor-made to meet the requirements at any stage of a project. With a team of more than 100 highly-qualified engineering and subject matter experts, we bring a combined 700 man-years of experience, making SgurrEnergy the largest and only purely renewable energy-focused consulting team in Asia providing feasibility studies, design & detailed engineering, construction management, O&M consulting, performance assessment and technical due diligence services for developers, investors & lenders and EPC contractors,” asserts Arif.

Equipped with in-depth expertise and extensive experience in designing multi-GW renewable energy projects worldwide, the diligent team at SgurrEnergy has always been successful in project design. Its meticulous project design and development services take into account a variety of external local planning policies, technical and engineering concerns, socio-economic challenges, land availability, and, most crucially, grid connectivity throughout the whole project lifespan.

DeliveringEnd-To-End Solutions for Renewable Energy Projects

SgurrEnergy has a proven track record of providing the most profound, comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for renewable energy projects. It provides 360° project life-cycle services for Solar PV plants, Energy storage and hybrids,and meticulous project design and development services while taking into consideration varied external local planning policies, technical and engineering concerns, socio-economic issues, land availability, and most importantly grid connection. Itensures seamless coordination for project completion on time and verifies that the work is completed according to the approved design and that all necessary tools are used to deliver the project.With a team of experts dedicated to designing, monitoring,and implementation, it ensures quality for EHV transmission and substation design services and its ever-growing dynamic team has expanded further into renewable with hydrogen under its ambit of expertise. Being a socially and environmentally responsible organization, it focuses on delivering ecologically responsible solutions designed in harmony with the environment.

Offering Complete Technical due Diligence and Support

SgurrEnergy understands that technical due diligence is the most critical aspect which should be diligently looked into from concept to design, construction, and O&M period of the projectfor ensuring the right investment decision. Thus, its experts perform complete technical due diligence throughout all the phases of any renewable energy project development and implementation. It has a strong international track record in providing impartial, reliable, and confidential lender’s engineering services for projects on behalf of banks, private equity institutions, and developers across the globe.

With a 360-degree renewable energy project life-cycle support, value engineering, bespoke solutions for each use-case, and on-time and on-budget project delivery, the company has been able to deliver some of the most bankable projects and build a clientele of some of the world’s illustrious names. Its clients range from, some of the most prominent Developers, Governments, Energy Utilities, Banks, and EPC Contractors around the globe. As a result of its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and proactive customer service, the company has been able to maintain an enviable customer retention rate of 98%.

Living by Its Values and Delivering Bythe Credo

One of the major motivating factors for the employees of SgurrEnergy is their empowering work culture. SgurrEnergy has a well-defined work culture that allows for ample creativity, liberty, and room to question the status quo and convention when necessary, leading to the formulation and implementation of new and sustainable solutions. “SgurrEnergy fosters the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset in the employees of the organization, enabling everyone to make decisions as a stakeholder, whilst learning regularly. It focuses on cultivating an indefatigable spirit in the workplace, which enables the employees to deliver to the highest degree of quality,” affirms Arif.

“We are able to deliver the best grade of service with a workforce that is enthusiastic, thrilled, and believes that excellence is a phenomenon of regular occurrence at SgurrEnergy.SgurrEnergy recognizes the efforts of every cog in the wheel that expends under the SgurrEnergy banner and therefore we consider it a responsibility to take care of our team by forming a supportive and accommodative workplace environment,” he adds.

Its work culture is driven by its core values of integrity, independent approach, technical excellence, confidentiality, innovation and development, caring for the environment, health and safety,giving back to the community, and empowerment. With all these values deeply ingrained in its culture, SgurrEnergy is setting benchmarks in the industry while expanding into a wide array of business segments.

Steering Towards a Promising Future

As its graph of exemplary success is escalating at a rapid pace, SgurrEnergy is planning to further expand its reach withits regional offices in the USA, Bangladesh, Africa, and Australia. It looks forward to completing 150GW of renewable energy consulting by 2025 and being in thetop echelons of renewable energy consultants worldwide. It also intends to build a stronger, highly skilled team of 200 renewable energy consultants of global standards and become an integral part of the global energy transition providing, reliable, resilient, economical, and sustainable solutions for the times to come. With its unswerving dedication to adding value to the world’s energy transition, comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for renewable energy projects, and value-driven services, SgurrEnergy is laying the foundation for continued excellence and market leadership in the renewable energy consultancy sector.


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