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In today’s data-driven world, there are more users and products to protect. Meanwhile, cyber threats are constantly changing, evolving and getting smarter day by day. So, it’s time for organizations to rethink their security initiatives to protect themselves from cyber attacks and data breaches.  Horangi is a cost-effective and reliable cybersecurity platform designed to aid Senior Leaders, IT Departments, Program Developers, and Security Professionals operating in businesses of all sizes. Helping them to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in their networks.

Currently based in Singapore, Horangi started its journey in early 2016 as a provider of security training serviced to the Korean Government. Horangi’s recognition by the Korean government made it a popular name when talking about security products and services tailored to SMEs in Asia. Within a short span, it established a good client base comprising of 90 plus clients across numerous sectors like technology, finance, government, healthcare, and retail and consulting.

To be a leader in any market, it is important to understand your customers, and provide them the products they need to ensure business functions remain agile and efficient. Valuing its customer’s business well being is a core value at Horangi, and is reflected across its products.  Its high-quality products like Horangi Scanner (web scanner, network scanner and code scanner), Horangi Hunter (endpoint detection and response) and Horangi Storyfier are testaments to the company’s efforts to provide long-lasting solutions to customers’ complex business challenges.

Horangi’s world-class products is comprised of a suite of IT security solutions that enable companies to discover vulnerabilities in their infrastructure, web applications, and source codes; collect and analyze data related to digital forensics, and generate vulnerability reports. Horangi also offers web-based cybersecurity services through the aid of its team of experts which include incident response, security assessment, digital forensics analysis and investigation, and cyber fraud detection. To make the products user-friendly and flexible to changing business needs, Horangi offers several tiers to include Startup, Premium, Business and Enterprise (which allows custom solution) with different price-ranges.

Alongside continuous development in their products, Horangi has done an extensive research on the nature of cybersecurity tools and technologies available in the Asia Pacific (APAC) market. Our research highlighted that companies can obtain a competitive advantage in the market with the support of the right security tools and infrastructure. The report also identified challenges faced by APAC companies in the region due to a lack of trained and certified experts to operate exiting tools. You can read more about this on page 36 of the Nuix Black Report.

With the help of an experienced team, quality research-work and timely customer service, Horangi has gained positive reviews from recurring customers and increasing popularity across the region. Paul Hadjy, the CEO of Horangi, stated: “We focus on structured, long term cybersecurity objectives and planning as opposed to just typical point based solutions, which gives us more opportunities to continuously engage with our customers. To date, 81% of our customers have recurring revenue contracts with us.” He further added, “We adopt higher degrees of automation, leveraging on our technical capabilities to continuously improve processes and create new solutions for our cyber operators.”

Meanwhile, Horangi observes that many of the issues companies face in Asia. Differentiating those faced in more mature cybersecurity landscapes such as the United States and Israel. It is crucial to design solutions that take into account the overall market dynamics of the region. Additionally, the lack of talent within the region means that many organizations are nearly forced to work with American or Israeli companies at unaffordable price-points. Horangi claims that its quality is as high as or higher than its US counterparts while its cost-basis remains reasonable for companies across Asia.  To prove its capability, Horangi demands to have more certification, expertise and experience than those of US based companies on comparable pricing and is confident to find affordable solutions for customers anywhere in the world. This puts the company in a very unique position to capture the middle market. The CEO addresses towards his clients, “In essence, by appointing Horangi as your security solution, you are paying the same or less for the same quality of work, if not better.”

Horangi plans on strengthening its presence in its current geographies through working closely with its regional partners on further educating the market on the importance of adopting a proactive approach towards security. Paul Hadjy, the CEO of Horangi concluded that “As our customer base grows, we will be growing our tech team to support new product lines, and to use our growing data scale and user base to leverage AI in more aspects of our offerings. We will also be expanding our geographic footprint across Asia and in other regions as well to cater to our international customer base.”


“Horangi has done an extensive research on the nature of cybersecurity tools and technologies available in the Asia Pacific (APAC) market”

“Horangi claims that its quality is as high as or higher than its US counterparts while its cost-basis remains reasonable for companies across Asia”


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