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Nany Wardhany, Ceo, TMLenergy

Forward-thinking organizations all over the world are abandoning non-renewable sources of energy and are adopting alternative ways to power their day-to-day activities. As natural reserves of non-renewable energy deplete, its cost is continuously rising. And although they are widely used today, they harm our natural environment. But unlike these, renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind can be harnessed from nature indefinitely and are also environment-friendly.

Fortunately, there are several clean energy solution providers today who are supporting the businesses to adopt renewable sources of energy efficiently. One of them in the Asia-Pacific is TMLEnergy, Indonesia’s most innovative company in the renewable energy industry in 2020. The company was set up in 2011 to steadily shape a more sustainable future through innovative solar energy solutions.

“TMLEnergy’s core business is in providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for modern solar energy systems. We are combating climate change through our renewable energy solutions especially our solar energy systems,” Nany Wardhani, the company’s CEO shares their value proposition.

Adding Value to Indonesia through Excellent Solar Energy Solutions

Since its inception, TMLEnergy has grown immensely, having built over 700 diverse photovoltaic power stations in over 200 residential, commercial and industrial projects. The company also currently employs over 70 staff members. Throughout the years, the company has been steadily building innovative solar energy systems for various requirements in the Indonesian market. It has been working closely with diverse clients including government bodies such as the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) and Indonesia’s highway corporation Jasamargo, state-owned companies, private companies and individual clients. And thus far, the company has successfully realized diverse solar projects including off-grid, on-grid, microgrid, hybrid, rooftop, floating solar systems, solar street lights, a solar carport and an E-bike charging station.

In essence, TMLEnergy is helping modern businesses in five transformative ways today. First, the company reduces the client’s dependence on conventional energy sources which are causing pollution and are harmful to the environment. Second, they help clients cut down on high electricity costs. Third, they are supporting clients to transition to using environmentally-friendly solar energy for their day-to-day energy needs. Fourth, they help clients make the best use of their physical spaces and create ways to generate their own electricity. And fifth, they provide business improvement services that improve how they make payments and holistically improve business models.

“We are a one-stop solution for all modern solar energy system needs. Whether businesses are planning to set up a solar system or have already installed a system, we can assist them with their needs,” Nany Wardhani adds further. TMLEnergy delivers a full-service experience to its clients undertaking all the vital operations such as feasibility studies, site surveys, consulting, site assessments, planning, operations and maintenance – all under one brand. They help businesses seamlessly set up fully functional solar systems and continually support them to maintain the system. They are ready to help organizations at any stage, whether they are planning to install a new system or already have a system installed.

A Glimpse into the Company’s Work Culture

TMLEnergy is supported by technical experts who have more than two decades of professional experience, including over 50 young and talented engineers, who bring innovative thinking and technical expertise to the job.

“At TMLEnergy, we avoid bureaucracy. We work transparently and we do everything openly. As a team, we treat everyone with respect, discuss openly and trust one another. We are also committed to being better,” Nany Wardhani provides insights into how TMLEnergy functions. As an organization, the company encourages transparency, collaboration and trust in the workplace. Moreover, its management and team leaders actively encourage a family-like work atmosphere where employees respect and support each other.

Today, the company is committed to continuously improve its technology, processes, services and employees to deliver even better solutions to better satisfy customers’ needs.

Leading the Way Towards a Sustainable Future

As the company continually tackles professional challenges in diverse projects, they are continuously improving their proficiency as a renewable energy solutions provider. And thus far, various standard-setting organizations such as the Indonesia Business Awards and ASEAN Energy Awards have recognized and awarded the company’s proficiency as a solar EPC solutions provider.

“We aim to be an energy company in the near future. Currently, we are strengthening our competence in EPC, Operation and Maintenance areas as the basis to build a strong sustainable energy company,” Nany Wardhani sums up by sharing TMLEnergy’s future focus.


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