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Richard Amato, Genral Manager, Enerven

New technologies, the rising cost of electricity, lack of reliable supply of energy, regulatory shifts and market reforms have been disrupting the Australian renewable energy industry. So, organizations nation-wide are seeking cost-efficient and sustainable service from reliable, integrated energy solution providers. This is where Enerven, one of Australia’s most innovative companies in the renewable energy industry, is leading the way.

Headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, Enerven has been steadily building a reputation as a proactive, reliable and experienced company in the industry. Over the years, the company has been realizing successful outcomes for diverse customers from all sectors through affordable, high quality and environmentally-sustainable solutions.

An Extremely Valuable Component of the Industry Today

“We are experts in electrical, telecommunications and renewable infrastructure; playing a pivotal role in South Australia by building and maintaining the infrastructure that keeps the State running,” Mr. Richard Amato, Enerven’s General Manager, gives a brief introduction.

Formed initially as the construction and maintenance service division of SA Power Networks in 2003, the business has grown substantially over the years. However, to introduce forward-thinking and innovative solutions as well as open up new growth opportunities, it took up an independent identity as Enerven in January 2018. Since this strategic move, it has continued to grow steadily: now employing over 550 professionals, nearly doubling its annual turnover value to $ 300 million and evolving to harness new technologies such as Solar PV, Embedded Networks and Virtual Power Plants. It is its extensive experience, expertise, successful track record, and unrivaled depth of knowledge that allows Enerven to take up the nation’s most transformative projects.

Excellent Performance that Testifies High Competence and Potential

Enerven works on the nation’s biggest energy projects with customers such as the National Broadband Network (NBN), Tesla, SA Water, ElectraNet, BHP Biliton, Santos, and Oz Minerals.

 The company is currently working on a $300 million Solar PV and Storage project for SA Water, a world-class water services provider in South Australia. Aptly named as Zero Cost Energy Future, the project aims at achieving a zero-net outcome by off-setting the cost of the electricity drawn from the grid and network charges. To support the project, Enerven is delivering 242GWh of solar generation and 35MWh of storage across a number of regional and metropolitan SA Water sites.

And as a partner of Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant project, it’s helping low-income households to sustainably reduce electricity bills while improving grid stability through the installation of Solar PV and Storage.

To each project, Enerven brings industry-leading expertise and innovation to realize success and tailors solutions for specific needs while working closely with customers. These cutting-edge projects continually attract the best professionals to the company, and they work together to realize the best solution and contribute to a sustainable future.

A Virtuous Cycle of Supporting Employees and Customers

Renewable energy projects require an innovative approach; Enerven specializes in designing solutions that are innovative, fully integrated and customized to the customer. Each time, it delivers a turnkey solution that successfully addresses each customer’s evolving energy requirements and brings their project to life.

One of Enerven’s major strengths is its ability to become a one-stop-shop for clients and deliver exceptional results in all aspects of their projects. Its team of diverse specialists takes complete care of all aspects of projects, ensuring quality from start to finish and focusing on long-term success. Whether they tend to a single component, an entire project, or improve facilities to optimize systems, they ensure that customers receive the maximum benefit. Moreover, its team continuously learns with each new project to deliver a sophisticated solution, tailored to suit new requirements.

Enerven prides itself on being collaborative, proactive and dependable, and each of its employees embodies the company’s values. The company’s leaders actively create a safe environment where staff can work towards their full potential, without the bias of gender, age or ethnicity. And the company also invests greatly in their professional development. “To be the best, we must attract the best people. Only through our people can we deliver innovative solutions and create a more sustainable future for Australia.” Mr. Amato shares his belief. Today, as an independent organization, Enerven is building a unique work culture, actively supporting women and diversity in its workforce – for example, 50 % of the company’s Senior Executives are female in what could traditionally be considered male-dominant roles. Enerven knows there is an inherent gender bias in the industry, but are taking significant steps to remove these biases and support female retention.   

Perfectly Positioned to Grow and to Expand into New Territories

South Australia is a world-leader when it comes to renewable energy projects. Enerven is at the centre of this market, proactively leading the way toward a more sustainable future through innovation and expertise.

In this ever-changing industry, Enerven is committed to attaining growth. The company is continuously connecting ideas, investing in the development of people and technology, and learning how to create even better solutions. With a vision to make full use of bright opportunities in the future, the company has already begun improving its capability to better suit future markets and services. Through its pursuit of continuous improvement, it aims to consistently help its customers to steadily grow and surpass competitors. 


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