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Most of the countries in the world are facing long-standing environmental challenges. Switching over from non-renewable energy sources to freely available renewable energies can solve our major impending challenges. Replacing fossil fuels with green power is the most important action we can take to address the impacts of climate change and to reduce pollutants. By utilizing renewable energy, people can reduce their energy bills while reducing stress on the grid and demand for fossil fuel power. This can eventually save money and helps us to save our environment as well.

Working towards the vision and dream of sustainable energy future from an Indonesian Island, Bali is Inecosolar, a Solar PV and Battery Storage company that provides turnkey solar panel installations to customers.

The Exceptional Journey of Inecosolar towards a Sustainable Future

Inecosolar was incorporated in the year 2018 by Benoît Prim, an industry expert with 20 years of experience in large scale renewable energy projects as well as energy management, carbon markets and energy procurement, including 13 years in Australia and South East Asia market. Benoît managed technical advisory for Wind and Solar Farms. Being involved in the renewable industry for a long time, he noticed the constant drop in the price of the solar panels and that very few solar panels were installed on houses in Bali. Benoît saw a unique business opportunity to start a business to help people save money and be a part of the solution to fight climate change.

Initially, the company faced a lot of challenges including legal requirements, socialization awareness, supply chain and approvals from the state-owned electricity utility. But it successfully overcame these challenges and is now focusing on passing these solar projects knowledge outside Bali.

In Indonesia, 88% of electricity comes from fossil fuels. Installing a single solar panel will save about 11 tons of CO2 emissions over its 25 years design lifetime. To this date, the company’s residential installations have saved 40MWh of fossil fuel generation which equivalent to about 40t of CO2 emissions or equivalent to planting 120 trees. Besides that, the sustainability enthusiast company has partnered with a local electric bike supplier Selis. Inecosolar is currently working on a solar e-bike charging station to help to fuel e-bikes with renewable energy. The company is also engaging with the local schools and universities to raise awareness about sustainability and renewable energy as it believes that the changes to society will happen from the younger generation. 

Benoît asserts, “The idea behind engaging with the local schools is to provide a picture of the current situation of the world and encourage students to find innovative solutions to overcome the issues and ultimately save the world.”

Committed to Gain and Preserve the Trust of Clients

Inecosolar has made a great repute among its clients who know its dedication and commitment towards a sustainable future. It aims to help their clients save money on their electricity by using renewable energy while reducing CO2 and particle emissions.

The core business of the company is to provide the latest technology in solar panel installation while meeting Australian Standards. “We assess our customer electricity bill and consumption patterns and offer bespoke solutions which will provide, depending on their goal, either the best return on investment, the required emission savings or the balance between aesthetic and payback period,” says Benoît. The company surveys, designs, procure, install and commission the installation for the clients. Besides this core activity, it is also developing energy efficiency services and e-bike charging stations as these align perfectly with their core skills.

The prominent company has received great feedback from its clients. The main differentiator that makes them stand apart in the market is that the company tries to build trust first rather than just do a hard sale.

“We propose quality solutions at a competitive price: we design and install the system according to Australian Standards, with premium equipment at the same price or even cheaper than our competitors. Also, customer service is at the forefront of what we offer: we know how difficult dealing with a utility can be so we do it for our clients; we have the relationship with them now.”

Future Focus of the Company

With its best-in-class solutions, Inecosolar focuses on onboarding as many clients as possible in its journey. The company is currently looking for financing institutions to help to fund their residential rooftop solar projects.

Benoît asserts, “Also, we are in discussion to deploy large commercial, industrial and utility-scale projects so we hope we’ll be able to develop and build our sizeable projects soon.”

Besides these goals, the prominent company aims to push solar e-mobility by developing sustainable e-bike charging stations that will help improve the daily air pollution everyone breathes.


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