Relationship marketing: Tips to strengthen your customer relationship during a crisis


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Are you worried about your customers’ loyalty during the crisis? Amid the turmoil that has been the Covid-19 pandemic, it is natural to focus on more emergency strategies and actions. However, it is a mistake to ignore this aspect of the business, since we are talking about an indispensable practice to maintain your sales in the medium and long term. 

Retaining and building customer loyalty is a priority for companies in times of crisis. Now, more than ever, it is essential to satisfy the customers to maintain a stable consumer base and not lose profit margins. Furthermore, customers are becoming better informed, demanding, and interacting in search of the best offer. Therefore, entrepreneurs must make an effort to get to know them better and better to retain them if they do not want to limit themselves to competing only by lowering rates. 

How relationship marketing can help your business

Relationship marketing is a forward-looking strategy. It is a set of actions developed by a company to strengthen the brand, communicate the advertising message to the target audience, providing sales, and strengthening ties with the target.

This means that relationship marketing understands the long-term value of having a good relationship with customers. It extends the content and the message to be communicated beyond the promotional message, to reach other areas of the consumer’s life and sell from there.

Below are some key points to achieve it:

Have a contact list up to date

The first step in maintaining a good relationship with anyone is to get to know them very well. Therefore, to create a more human bond with your customers, you will also need to know some essential information about them. So, the first tip to have efficient relationship marketing is to keep your contact list always up to date, with as much data as possible. That way, you can segment the different audiences, separating them according to their main characteristics and habits. For instance, maintain list of men, women, frequent customers, or customers who bought only once. With the updated lists, it is possible to use the most correct and practical approaches according to each audience, making them feel special and enhancing their chances of buying from you again. 

Content marketing

This way of making content has been important for a long time and goes hand in hand with relationship marketing. Paid ads only work if you invest money steadily. Content marketing helps you build an audience that stays with you longer. The way to do this is by giving the customer what he asks for. 

Furthermore, this type of content will support your clients with relevant information and advice. Social media intelligence platforms will be useful in creating these types of strategies. You can find trending topics to make sure you always stay ahead of the conversations, positioning yourself as a leader. You can also find content from other sources that serve as inspiration or information that may be of interest to your audience.

Invest wisely

This is not the time to stop investing, but to do it wisely and study carefully what products, messages, and what means to choose. For example, investing in customer relationship management helps improve cross-selling or upselling, as well as increasing user satisfaction and overall sales. 

These goals take on added importance in the time of crisis because the cost and effort required to sell existing customers are less than what is needed to get new ones.

Segment to personalize your message

 Finally, we recommend that you use a mix of qualitative and quantitative data to understand your audience. Whether you use software or surveys to do social media research, you need to know and understand your customers and prospects to personalize messages according to their needs. This data becomes more relevant when it comes to email marketing, a channel with great force.

 Relationship marketing and the consumer age go hand in hand and are a trend that is gaining strength day by day. The benefit for brands is that if they do it right, they will find brand ambassadors. Also, if the customer service on social networks is good, thousands of people will know about it. So they can retain customers and reach new ones.

Wrapping up

So, did you see how it is possible to build an efficient relationship marketing strategy? Now, you need to put all these tips into practice, always taking into account the profile of each person. With planning and creativity, you can strengthen the link between your brand and customers, further enhancing your business.


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