Polio Vaccination Campaign at Pakistan: 9.5 Million Children to be Immunized – A Crucial Step Towards Eradication


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Polio Vaccination Campaign Targets 9.5 Million Children

Polio Vaccination Campaign: Pakistan has launched an ambitious new campaign to vaccinate 9.5 million children against polio across 41 districts. This effort is a critical move in Pakistan’s ongoing battle to eradicate polio, especially as six new cases have been reported this year.

Pakistan’s latest polio vaccination campaign aims to immunize 9.5 million children. This large-scale initiative spans 41 districts and involves more than 350,000 dedicated health workers. The campaign is vital in preventing the spread of wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1), which has been detected in 45 of the country’s 166 districts in 2024.

Persistent Polio Challenges in Pakistan

Polio remains endemic in Pakistan and Afghanistan, with Pakistan reporting 357 polio cases since 2015, including six this year. Despite significant progress, the country faces ongoing challenges, such as security issues, misinformation, and mistrust linked to religious beliefs. Mobile populations and the legacy of the CIA’s fake vaccination drive in 2011 also complicate eradication efforts.

The Human Cost of Polio Eradication Efforts

The campaign’s success has come at a high human cost. At least 102 polio field workers, officials, and security personnel have been killed since the campaign began. Health workers continue to face issues like low pay, salary delays, and difficult working conditions, which further hamper vaccination efforts.

Support from International Organizations and Philanthropists

Despite these challenges, Pakistan’s polio eradication efforts have garnered significant support from international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and philanthropists like Bill Gates. Their contributions are crucial in sustaining the momentum of nationwide immunization campaigns.

Environmental Monitoring and Detection of Poliovirus

Environmental monitoring plays a key role in detecting the presence of poliovirus in sewage samples. This method helps identify and respond to outbreaks swiftly, ensuring that immunization efforts are targeted and effective. All six polio cases reported this year belong to the YB3A cluster, which originated in Afghanistan, highlighting the transnational nature of the fight against polio.

Pakistan’s Determination to Become Polio-Free

Pakistan has set an ambitious goal to become polio-free by 2026. The significant decrease in polio cases over the past five years demonstrates the country’s progress. The current vaccination campaign is a bold step towards achieving this goal, reflecting Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to eradicating polio.

The launch of the new polio vaccination campaign targeting 9.5 million children marks a pivotal moment in Pakistan’s fight against polio. Despite formidable challenges, the country’s determination, supported by international aid and rigorous environmental monitoring, is steering it closer to becoming polio-free. This ambitious campaign is a testament to Pakistan’s resolve and the collective effort required to eradicate this debilitating disease.

Source: Pakistan – GPEI


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