Bioseptic Waterindo Abadi: An Specialist in WTP and STP


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Penny Enuch, Director, Bioseptic Waterindo Abadi

With the rapid growth in population, the consumption of water— life’s critical element, has also increased commensurately. It has been estimated by the United Nations that only 2 billion people across the globe will be able to access the useable and clean water and two-thirds of the world’s population will face threats of water shortage.

Today, almost 80 percent of the water supplied for domestic usage comes from wastewater — can satisfy the growing water scarcity problem. But, it is not happening. In most of the cases, wastewater released is untreated and it either sinks into the ground as a potential pollutant of the groundwater or is discharged into the natural drainage system causing pollution in the downstream area.

The immediate requirement for treating wastewater and recover as much usable water as possible is the only solution to avoid such a situation and deal with the upcoming calamity. And that’s what Bioseptic Waterindo Abadi — an Indonesia-based company, promises to offer.

Established in 2003, Bioseptic is engaged in the Construction & Design of Waste Water Treatment System (STP-Sewage Treatment Plant) and WTP (Water Treatment Plant). “We handle small to large scale projects ranging from engineering design to installation and maintenance services” adds Penny Enuch, Managing Director of Bioseptic.  

Unprecedented services

Bioseptic is fundamentally a specialist WTP and STP contractor and equipment supplier. It focuses on delivering end-to-end- solutions for wastewater treatment — from consultation to design and development and contracts to maintenance and repair.

Through its consultation services, Bioseptic assists customers in making decisions on the legal, technical, and financial part of the construction process of water management installation. And, with the help of design services, the company supports customer to create systems and water management facilities.

Maintenance and repair are other pivotal services offered by Biospetic. These improve the function of both: operations and water management installation equipment. Bioseptic provides a comprehensive set of solutions including a broad range of processes, technology, and services, and undertakes the full range of contracting — from small package plant to large turn-key design & construct project.

Bioseptic is a one-stop solution provider for the construction of WTP and STP. Also, because of its wide variety of products and services, the company is a solid partner for its customers and all stakeholders.

What makes Bioseptic unique in the industry?

With 16 years of experience in the field of WTP and STP, Bioseptic has set a track record. The company has become a leading solution provider for all problems associated with water and the environment. Also, “The success of the company has a positive impact, especially on the people and the environment of the communities where we live and work”, claims Penny.

Bioseptic has always given immense importance to its customers and people of the community. It has brought professionalism and commitment under one umbrella to improvise the management of drinking water and wastewater. And this is where; Bioseptic makes its distinctive position in the market.

Moving towards a sustainable future

Bioseptic has acquired various certifications from national and international institutions, which include ISO 90001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. Also, the company has joined as a member of international water and environment association.

Moving forward, Bioseptic plans to become the best-recognized company in the Water and Environmental Industry. Moreover, the company aims to build a water treatment infrastructure throughout the country and enter the global market.


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