Pink Finance: Unlocking the Path to Financial Empowerment through Knowledge Guidance and Support


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Nicole Cannon, Director, Pink Finance

The financial landscape is an intricate realm, brimming with complexities and nuances. With complicated loan terms, fluctuating interest rates, and ever-changing regulatory frameworks, navigating through this intricate web can be intimidating. In the quest for financial support, individuals often find themselves in a whirlwind, moving from one lender to another, assessing their borrowing power, and deciphering the intricate impact of fees and charges, all while keeping up with government regulations to ensure compliance and make informed decisions. In this evolving financial landscape, financial literacy and guidance are critical to making well-informed choices with confidence. Thus to help people navigate the intricate terrain of the financial landscape with clarity and precision, Pink Finance, a nationally recognized, award-winning Mortgage and Finance Broking Company came to the forefront. Specializing in mortgage broking, the company offers invaluable financial structure advice to help individuals achieve their financial goals. Combining their extensive industry expertise with a friendly and professional approach, they carefully consider the individual needs of each client and tailor their services accordingly, ensuring a stress-free journey towards financial success.

The Compelling Journey that Gave Birth to Pink France

The story behind Pink Finance dates back to 2001 when Nicole Cannon, the Director of Pink Finance embarked on her journey to purchase her first property. She was excited but nervous, not knowing much about the mortgage world she was about to enter. However, her initial enthusiasm soon turned into disappointment as the mortgage broker seemed disinterested in sharing knowledge or providing guidance. Frustrated and disheartened, Nicole took matters into her own hands, diligently managing her loan and tracking its progress. This personal struggle inspired her to help others facing similar challenges, leading her to become a qualified mortgage broker in 2002.

In those early years, Nicole recognized a prevailing issue within the industry. Mortgage brokers were often perceived as greedy solely focused on their own commissions. Determined to change this perception and make a positive impact, Nicole established Pink Finance in 2009. She envisioned a business that would prioritize ethics and customer satisfaction. As an expression of her values, she chose to affiliate with the McGrath Foundation, a charity close to her heart and originally pledged to donate 10% of her trailing commissions. Since its inception, Pink Finance has built a stellar reputation for its exceptional customer service, commitment to client education, and unwavering ethical standards. “Pink Finance is proud to have helped every client get closer to achieving their financial goal. We’re here to help anyone who needs finance structure advice and broking services throughout Australia,” asserts Nicole.

Today, Pink Finance offers a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to the diverse financial needs of its clients. With a team of highly experienced consultants, the company provides tailored advice and guidance on loan structures, ensuring that clients are well-informed before embarking on any application process. It encourages clients to ask questions and actively participate in their financial journey. Additionally, Pink Finance offers a Finance Health Check, which assesses clients’ loans, interest rates, repayments, and fees to tailor them better to their lifestyles or circumstances.

Simplifying the Loan Process with a Winning 4P Approach

Pink Finance always places the customer at the forefront of its operations. Keeping clients’ interests at the core, it takes a 4P approach PLAN, PRESENT, PROCESS and PERFORM to satiate every unique need of its clients and thus make a difference in their financial journey. The customer-centric company understands that the loan process can be overwhelming, which is why it takes care of the legwork, making it easy for clients to secure their loans. The company goes beyond the numbers to build a connection with its clients. It understands that each individual’s financial journey is unique and uses their experience as the backbone to guide clients towards their homeownership goals. “We will ask about your financial circumstances and objectives to find out what’s important to you in a home loan. For example, flexibility might be important because you plan to start a family, or you may want ready access to equity for a rental property or renovations. Whatever your plans, we will research the market and recommend the right home loan to suit your needs. We always look for the right loan for you, not the lender,” elucidates Nicole. Furthermore, opting for Pink Finance brings clients the undeniable advantage of gaining access to an extensive network comprising over 60 esteemed Australian lenders. This vast selection of lenders offers an array of loan options, empowering clients with unparalleled flexibility.

Besides this, what truly sets Pink Finance apart is its passion for sharing knowledge. They take the time to educate clients on the intricacies of loans and finance, providing professional advice in plain English. With a friendly and approachable team of consultants, Pink Finance is always ready to answer any questions clients may have. “Don’t worry about knowing it all, as we ‘go into bat’ and negotiate on your behalf. We make the entire process from our first chat, through to having the keys in your hand, as simple and as fast as possible,” opines Nicole.

With such commitment to excellence, the company has earned national recognition through numerous esteemed awards that testify to its unwavering dedication to ethics, customer service, social responsibility, and corporate accountability. Since 2011, it has consistently received accolades, with its most recent honour in 2019 for Ethics and Social Responsibility.

Committed to Giving Back to the Community

As a Corporate Friend of the McGrath Foundation since 2009, Pink Finance actively contributes to supporting families affected by Breast Cancer through donations and volunteer work. In addition to their philanthropic efforts, Pink Finance is dedicated to educating the community and empowering first-home buyers by assisting them in setting deposit targets to achieve their dream of homeownership.”Our donations come at no cost to our clients. This is an ongoing commitment we have made to help women, and families, get healthy and get ahead with their own dreams,” adds Nicole

Continues Empowering Clients on their Finacial Journey

Nicole established Pink Finance with a clear mission: to bring education, clarity, and positivity to every client’s home loan journey. From the very beginning, Nicole laid the foundation of her business on these principles, creating an ethical enterprise that empowers individuals with choices. The avid leader lives by the values of People, Purpose, Passion, Freedom, Flexibility, and Fun and aims to provide clients with knowledge and experience to achieve confidence, clarity, and financial freedom.

Nicole finds great fulfilment in contributing to her client’s financial journeys, be it assisting them in buying their first home, investing in properties, or taking control of their credit card debts. “It’s amazing to be part of my clients’ high-level goals. It’s the reason I created Pink Finance to nurture those aspirations and turn them into reality,” affirms Nicole.

Forging ahead, she plans to expand her investments to rural Australia and treasured locations abroad, such as the captivating south of France and the enchanting Orkney Islands of Scotland. Her unwavering commitment to ethics, social responsibility, and community engagement has led her to receive the industry’s first-ever awards in these categories. Today, Nicole has emerged as a highly regarded influencer, inspiring numerous brokers to embrace their own social responsibility initiatives and thereby fostering an even greater positive transformation within the industry.


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