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Every new innovation adds value to people’s lives. Be it artificial intelligence in mobile apps or practical augmented reality,

Innovation improves the quality of life of people. Today, many organizations are working towards innovating new products and services for customers, with the goal of solving their problems and creating better experiences for them.

Partnering Robotics, a robotics solution provider, is one such innovative company that has built Diya One X, a best-in-class robot that takes care the well-being of occupants of indoor environments. Founded in 2007 by Dr Ramesh Caussy, Partnering Robotics’ mission was to improve the well-being of people. To achieve his objective, Ramesh Caussy made an exhaustive research study to identify all existing service robotic uses, growing mega-trends in the society, and available robotic research fields. After doing the groundwork and deciding on the future of robot design and the solution architecture, Caussy hired some people and started his entrepreneurial journey with partnering Robotics.

Diya One—the result of Caussy’s hard work and determination—is a platform, not a product. This means that the team at Partnering Robotics can add new innovative features to Diya One without any hassles.  

Unmatched Customer Experience  

Diya One X is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of occupants of places (mainly offices) by continuously making indoor atmosphere analyses (air quality, temperature, relative humidity, level of sound, and luminosity); however, it doesn’t create any distress for its users and takes care of itself. This best-in-class robot can charge its battery alone and can perform service all day. “My robot cleans the air thanks to its embedded air system filtration at a local level, close to places where people work and live. Everyday Diya One X takes care of you; this is why we call it the “well-being robot,” says Dr. Ramesh Caussy, CEO and Co-Founder, Partnering Robotics.

Besides these services, Diya one X generates granular mass data square meter by square meter. This data enables the team at Partnering Robotics to propose great service data such as indoor air maps or Live Dynamic Dash Board that gives every week relevant KPI about the indoor atmosphere.

In recent years, there has been a distinct shift in the way companies are taking care of employee wellness. As a result, many organizations are starting to invest more in comprehensive employee programmes to improve the well-being of employees. By employing Partnering Robotics Diya One X in place, employers can take care of their employees’ air quality and thereby increase their productivity and reduce their absenteeism rate.

After a host of experiments, Diya one X and Partnering Robotics’ new product, Diya Air Node, are reaching their market segments. “Introducing an autonomous mobile robot in a real “working space” is an adventure! We received lots of questions, faced situations where we had to adapt the robot’s behavior and explain to people the value of having Diya One in their enterprise,” adds Caussy.  However, this experience helped Caussy understand people’s views on a robot working for them. While 81 percent of people trust Diya One X, 100 percent of people find Diya One X useful in air-cleaning and well-being function. And other 81 percent of people think Diya One X increases the innovative image of their company.

Partnering robotics is excited about the launch of Diya One X in APAC region. Already Diya One X has started its sales in France, Arab Countries and Dubai. The company entered into other markets, besides France, by building strategic partnerships with other companies. And that has helped them to grow the opportunity. “We would like to do the same in APAC and this is why we are open to finding and investors and strategic players that consider indoor air quality as a major stake. It’s an open call,” states Caussy.

Powered by neuro-inspired AI for its navigation, Diya One X understands very highly dynamic emerging environments and doesn’t need the help of expensive lidars or cartography to navigate paths.  The robot builds its own representation of the world and navigation path. And while navigating in large size environments, it collects data through its embedded network of sensors data. These data are collected every eight seconds in order to offer a true understanding of the indoor atmosphere and its dynamics to users.

With all these capabilities, Diya One is seeing a growing demand in open space, welcoming desk, malls, nurseries, schools, banks, but also SME’s. While Diya One X is recognized for its ability to take care the well-being of occupants, it’s still a platform; not a product. For example, “in Galleries Lafayette, people use it to decrease their energy bill by regulating the central air system (HVAC) through Diya One X mobile sensors and real-time data that are integrated into the building management systems (BMS) to perform the regulation,” explains Caussy.

Ramesh Caussy also takes pride in  his team of experts, a serious value proposition, and an effective service validated by the Scientific Center for Technology and Building. Recently, the company has been classified as Future Unicorn by the European Commission and some American market studies have recognized Partnering Robotics for its potential in the air purification market.

The company going forward intends to scale Diya One X‘s sales by breaking new market segments. “For this, we are looking for partners and investors. Our series B is open and will be closed in Q2 2019. We hope that some people will bet on us to create value and wealth to be shared. “Share to win” is my motto and theory for the world,” concludes Caussy. With a lot of things to look forward in the coming years, the future looks bright for the team at Partnering Robotics.


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