Organica Water: Global Solution Provider for the Treatment and Recycling of Wastewater


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Ari Raivetz, CEO, Organica

Many people today wish to own their dream homes in the cities of their choice. But only a few care about and expect a practical approach to wastewater treatment. What to do with houses without good water? Traditional wastewater treatment plants are already there in the world—but with large, smelly facilities. Also, they were built far outside of population centers. What is the use of wastewater treatment plants when they are not easily reached by people? The worst-case scenario is that more than 90% of global treatment costs are not actually spent on the treatment of the water, but for the sewer network.

The point is that if the treatment plants are not in a reachable range, then this is not an economically feasible or sustainable solution.  Here comes Organica Water with an appropriate and practical solution. Organica Water, a spearheading clean technology company, has developed a highly imaginative approach to wastewater treatment for urban and residential areas.

Established in 1998, Organica Water, a global provider of innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater, aims to provide products and services, which enable customers worldwide to build and operate space and energy-efficient biological wastewater treatment plans that blend harmoniously into urban and residential population centers.

“We aim to give the best approach to wastewater treatment for urban and industrial areas”, says Ari Raivetz, CEO.

Providing Outstanding Services

Organica Water provides outstanding services in many aspects. The company uses the Industrial Internet of Things and connects plant data securely to the experts so they can advise, report and consult with the operations team. The company controls upgrade services by adding localized control analytics, which gives operators a simply programmed operational mode selection for energy efficiency and maximum output that can be customized to the customers’ plant needs.

Organica Water’s team of local field service experts can take on the responsibility to make sure the sensors are clean, reliable and calibrated correctly. The company also provides compliance data services by supporting the data collection and formatting of the increasingly regulated environmental data reporting local guidelines.

What Makes Organica Water Stand Out?

Organica Water always stands out from the crowd of competitors because of its services and benefits. Organica Water’s services cover assisting the operator of the facility with the right amount of chemicals, the right quantity of sludge, and the minimum energy required to run the plant. This is done in an attempt to balance costs and operational excellence while eliminating immediate risks present in the facility.

Because of the utilization of digital equipment, instead of their analogous counterparts, an accurate set of indicators can be established on equipment lifespans and maintenance cycles. As a result, data that are normally not used would turn into real-time actionable insights.

Not only that, a steady effluent discharge can be maintained with automated analytics and dynamically changing operating profiles, regardless of changes in hydraulic flow, influential characteristics or weather conditions.

With regard to 24/7 uptime and access, Organica Water proves its excellence. With a robust and secure Internet connection, operators can easily access to operational data on multiple devices anywhere in the world. In addition, operators can use accurate, statistics-driven, decision-making, pinpointing and eliminate risks while streamlining the whole treatment process. This is possible because data analytics and forecasts are readily available. This approach marks the Organica Water’s decision-making confidence.

“At Organica, we believe it takes strong partnerships with our customer to achieve success”, says Ari Raivetz. 

Checkpoints to be Pinpointed

Owing to additional and unnecessary amounts of chemicals fed into the system and increased sludge treatment costs, unoptimized sludge line operations can increase operational expenses in many cases.

“Our technicians will evaluate current sludge generation and implement solutions ranging from Waste Activated Sludge control optimization to the upgrade of sludge treatment process”, says Ari Raivetz.

The sludge quality and quantity can be controlled using Turbidity meters installed on the filtrate line. Moreover, chemical consumption can be highly systemized with the sensory control of polymer feed systems, generating additional savings on disposal costs.

In addition, the unified control of polymer dosing combined with the installation of Turbidity and Total Suspended Solids sensors in the clarifiers and chlorination tanks help operators get a clear picture of facility performance with a good overview of operational metrics and analytics. Through the aforementioned method, checkpoints on non-biological systems can be pinpointed and eliminated. Along with that, secondary clarifier operation can be improved providing additional TSS control of final effluent and all-year discharge performance.

Organica Spreads its Wings

Organica began as a traditional wastewater design-build company focused exclusively on the Hungarian market. Today, Organica Water spreads its wings in three different continents and the world leader in Fixed-Bed Biofilm Activated Sludge (FBAS) technology, with more than 80 references operating or under construction all over the world.

Vision of Organica Water

Change brings risks in all business and economical spheres. And this is an industry that has not changed much in 100 years. Therefore, clients need expert partners who can mitigate these risks while balancing savings with delivering customer requirements.

Organica Water aims to resolve its clients’ pain points and meet their definition of success.

“At Organica, we combined software, hardware and sensors, and our expertise to offer digital services to our clients,” says Ari Raivetz.


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