Emirates Logistics LLC: A Pioneer in Providing World-Class Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions to Diverse Industries


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Zahedi. G.Manawwar, General Manager – Johan Bergweff, Managing Director, Emirates Logistics LLC

The logistics sector is undoubtedly lucrative, and perhaps this is the reason why scores of startups are hopping on the bandwagon in droves. However, with the advancement of technology, dynamic market scenario, and changing customer needs, only a few of them manage to sail through it. One of those pioneering companies that has been thriving in this ultra-competitive market scenario and churning out a success story in the logistics sector in UAE through innovation and distinctiveness is Emirates Logistics LLC. Headquartered in Dubai, Emirates Logistics is part of the renowned Sharaf Group of Companies, the largest conglomerate group of companies in UAE. Spread across UAE with 5 branches, it is a well-resourced and competent organization operating and servicing a large customer base in various segments of the market. It is presently serving various markets with commodities such as FMCG, retail goods, chemicals, raw materials, home appliances, furniture, machinery, and heavy industries.

The Incredible Journey of Emirates Logistics

Emirates Logistics began its journey in 2002 with a vision to bring value to its customers through its comprehensive logistics capabilities and still be flexible to provide customized solutions to each customer to meet their unique business needs. “With the evolving needs of our global clients, we have been able to build our capability and expertise in delivering tailor-made Supply Chain and Logistics solutions of global standards to diverse industries ranging from FMCG, Retail to Heavy Industries,” asserts Zahedi. G. Manawwar, the General Manager of Emirates Logistics LLC. 

Today, Emirates Logistics is widely recognized and acknowledged for its extensive experience and profound expertise in providing a wide array of services including warehousing & distribution/contract logistics, land transportation, international sea, and air freight, break bulk, project cargo, customs broker, and relocation services. With a wide range of dedicated and multi-client warehousing facilities, the experience of storing and handling for world-leading multi-nationals, strong group financial & worldwide network support, A-grade ranking with the port and customs authorities, and the capability to offer end-to-end logistics solutions, it has attained an extensive footprint across the MENASA region.

Strategies that Create a Difference

With their years of domain expertise, Emirates Logistics has formulated unique approaches and methodologies to make sure their customers are always happy and satisfied with their services. Since its inception, it has strategically invested in its infrastructure, global agent network, technology, and expertise, enabling it to quickly ascend to the status of a renowned and successful brand throughout the Middle East. Its strategy has been to partner with its clients in their plans for global expansion, customize solutions as per the client’s needs, use digitization and business tools to give clients visibility and transparency of operations, and attain excellence in service delivery. By creating and implementing an integrated assemblage of services, it has been able to meet client’s needs on a global scale and provide smooth, seamless services. “Over the years, we have partnered with multiple clients in various countries, and have developed a forte for the right approach, execution, investment, IT & WMS, and most importantly, an engaged team of workforce. This strategy has been a successful model for us as well as our clients,” opines Mr. Zahedi.

Key Attributes of Success

While there are many factors that have contributed to the success of Emirates Logistics, the five key attributes that embody the core strengths of Emirates Logistics are — its people, worldwide network, In-house IT research & development, expertise & capability, and infrastructure. The pioneering company has a dedicated and dynamic team with expertise in all areas of logistics. It also has a global network with fully owned offices and warehousing facilities in the Middle East & South East Asia – Group offices in Africa, South Asia Sub Continent & Far East. Besides this, what further gives it a unique edge in the market is its in-house IT-integrated operations and services that enable proactive efficiency, customized WMS, enabling constant updates as desired by the client.  Finally, its expertise and ability to design logistics processes to suit the client’s needs, invest in infrastructure, operate and manage and monitor makes it a reliable freight and logistics solution provider in the Middle East. “We are committed to creating value for our customers by offering cost-effective solutions and superior service, for our suppliers and partners through business co-operation and mutual profitability, for our employees through knowledge expansion and diversification through growth opportunities, for the organization by investing continuously in information technology and for our investors through returns on investment, affirms Mr. Zahedi.

Moving Towards a Promising Future

Emirates Logistics always focuses on sustainable operations to stay aligned with the needs of the environment and community. It strives to make continuous improvements in its operations to reduce cost, reuse, reduce and work towards reducing the carbon footprint. Being an environmentally responsible organization, it has made investments in Lithium Ion batteries to reduce energy consumption and gas emissions as compared to Led Acid batteries and thus, contributing reduction in carbon footprint. Forging ahead, it aspires to continue taking initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint in its logistics & transport operations while following the highest compliance standard in the industry. Meanwhile, it also plans to implement digital apps for instant rates, quotation and tracking, and AI for the document management system to better serve its customers. It intends to leverage new technologies and continue investing in its team to catalyze the internal growth and overall success of the company.  “We would like to create a great future for Emirates Logistics driven by passionate and happy employees building a future for themselves as well as for the organization,” concludes Mr. Zahedi.


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