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Michael Wong, CEO and Co-Founder, OnePro Cloud

In the recent years, cloud computing has been inspiring a paradigm shift in the business world. All sorts of modern organizations everywhere are inviting cloud technology—an essential strength of digital transformation—to upgrade key aspects of their business.

Yet, there are many fears and concerns associated with this technology because most organizations find it very complicated. So, to harness the potential of cloud technology and digital transformation in their business, they need expert guidance.

OnePro Cloud, China’s leading cloud technology services provider, specializes in helping businesses successfully incorporate cloud services and derive the most value from their digital transformation initiative. One of the company’s key strengths is guiding businesses to overcome fears and concerns surrounding cloud adoption, simplifying cloud services and guiding them to succeed in their cloud-tech implementation. Through comprehensive solutions, expertise and immense experience, the company wholly guides its clients to make the best use of cloud technology continuously.

OnePro Cloud was set up in 2017 in Shanghai, China, by a group of IT professionals, united towards helping modern enterprises successfully incorporate cloud technology. The company is a nationally leading cloud tech specialist today, helping enterprises of different segments like finance, smart city, medical, energy, transportation, manufacturing and education, succeed in their cloud adoption.

Helping Businesses Reap the Benefits of Cloud Technology

OnePro Cloud believes that cloud transformation is critical for modern businesses because it allows them to be agile, nimble, responsive and competent. In our hi-tech professional world, businesses need effective digital transformation as well as cloud transformation to succeed continuously. So, the company empowers clients to capitalize on their investments in cloud technology and supports their continual success, through three key competencies. These are:

  • Patented, Innovative and Effective Solutions: Most business leaders don’t know how to handle cloud migration and its ongoing management. While the company wants to help customers from all dimensions, from cloud adoption to cloud management, its two main products are designed to remove fears within cloud adoption and give them confidence: HyperMotionTM and HyperOneTM.

“HyperMotionTM is our self-developed cross platform migration tool. It provides a superior automation and governance experience throughout many functions to enhance workload mobility and ease the complex migration process. It enables users to complete migration in three simple steps via an intuitive user interface,” Mr. Michael Wong, the CEO and co-founder of the company, explains.

HyperOneTM is an intelligent IT service management platform developed to address the requirements within multi cloud management. It realizes a ‘single pane of glass’ approach across multiple cloud platforms and thus, enables clients to achieve operational excellence through a unified platform. Essentially, this platform has various modules to address any challenge that may arise on their multi cloud journey.

The company also provides a holistic cross-platform management solution that helps clients successfully overcome any cloud interoperability challenge. Further, it offers cloud data backup solutions, disaster recovery solutions and a network cloud converged platform—a multi cloud management solution specially designed for the telecommunication industry.

  • Advisory and Consultancy Services: OnePro Cloud is a trusted cloud technology strategist and advisor to modern businesses. “We analyse our clients’ business needs thoroughly first and then, determine the best cloud migration strategy, ensuring smooth migration without business outage,” Mr. Wong shares.
  • Expert and Highly Skilled Staff: “Our team makes our company great. Our R&D staff is 60% of our team and is dedicated to the first line market. They understand both the technology and customer requirements well and in-depth. They see challenges as puzzles and guide customers to place all the right pieces together,” Mr. Wong says.

OneProCloud’s key managerial team members: Michael Wong, Ray Sun (chief technology officer) and Carrol Yu (marketing manager) are highly skilled, well-accomplished and successful professionals, with extensive work experience in IT. On the whole, the company encourages its team to examine customers’ problems in-depth from their own perspective and steadily build a solution from there.

Committed to Support Businesses in their Digital Transformation Journeys

OnePro Cloud builds strong client relationships by closely listening to their concerns and understanding their expectations clearly. Mr. Wong shares that the company works alongside them and becomes a part of their team. In fact, according to the company’s customer satisfaction survey, all of its clients have had very positive experiences with them.

The company is well-established today, being a cloud tech strategy partner of many top tier cloud tech vendors and a trusted cloud tech solutions brands in the Chinese marketplace. They have recently raised series A funding from SBCVC—investing in their own growth and subsequently their clients’ growth.

In view of the future, OnePro Cloud is committed to continuously support businesses in need of stronger cloud tech capabilities on their digitalization and digital transformation journeys. In particular, the company has observed that only 10% of China’s managed service providers (MSPs) are well skilled and they only cover about 40% of the market share. “We want to especially support China’s MSPs and also international MPSs. We want to provide them with tools and solutions to help solve their customers’ problems and help them succeed,” Mr. Wong concludes.


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