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A company’s journey becomes meaningful when it solves an unsolved challenge in the industry and provides the best possible experience for consumers. These are the motives of every company when they start their journey. But along the way, some of them lose the sight of their goals as they shift their focus to other aspects of business such as strengthening the business model and employing new marketing strategies. This may sometimes backlash and can also affect their brand images in the future.

There is also another group of companies on the other end of the spectrum: Companies that remain committed to their founding goals. They don’t prioritize any other thing over their founding goals and customers. Such companies will slowly but eventually build a lasting brand image in customers’ minds. Their efforts get recognized as they align their companies’ goals with customers’ requirements. One company that has caught our attention in this respect is Anchanto, a logistics solution provider.

With a philosophy to make online selling and eCommerce logistics simpler for everyone, Anchanto was founded in June 2011 by Vaibhav Dabhade, Abhimanyu Kushikar, Muhammad Shafique, and Julien Juttet. And the very factor that attracted us to Anchanto, is its unwavering commitment to its philosophy.

Putting Customers First

The proliferation of e-commerce companies has not only changed consumers’ behaviors but also has encouraged competition among companies. To meet these changed consumers’ behaviors and stay abreast of competitors, companies need to upgrade their logistics operations that can ensure speedy delivery and avoid all kind of kinds of irregularities and delays.

To help E-commerce businesses fill this need, Anchanto has developed its first product—eCommerce Warehouse Management system (eWMS) that enables brands, distributors, 3PLS and service providers to equip their warehouses with both B2B and B2C capabilities. Both e-commerce and retail companies benefit from Anchanto’s eCommerce warehouse management system as it has both B2B and B2C capabilities.

e-commerce warehouse management system is user-friendly and offers full control to the users over their operations. Anchanto’s eCommerce warehouse management system connects multichannel selling directly with organizations’ warehouse inventory. “As soon as an order is received from any of the marketplaces, the order is directly passed on to the warehouse staff for processing and dispatch. The order status is visible to all the parties including the seller, thus making the entire process 100% error-free and lightning fast,” explains Vaibhav Dabhade, Founder, Anchanto. In addition, it ensures maximum productivity of the warehouse staff and gives the management total control over the end-to-end eCommerce operations.

Different types of Organizations benefit using e-commerce warehouse management system. The Third-party logistics companies (3PLS) using Anchanto eWMS get ready integrations with rest of the ecosystem partners on which they depend to ship orders. For example, “we have ready integrations with many leading last mile delivery companies to facilitate seamless shipping for warehouse operators,” informs Vaibhav. Anchanto’s eWMS is also integrated with 50+ leading marketplaces such as Lazada, Zalora, Shopee, Qoo10, BliBli, Zilingo, Tokopedia, and is seamlessly accessible across multiple devices.

Alongside these benefits, it also helps warehouse players to scale their revenue massively with their existing assets. “They do not need to make any additional investments in hard-assets and can become e-Commerce ready from just day one,” updates Vaibhav. In addition, this system is seamlessly accessible across multiple devices such as mobiles, Laptops, and tablets, and gives complete control over eCommerce logistics flow—from inventory, Order to Warehouse operations management.

Accelerating the Digital Transformation

Anchanto accelerates the digital transformation of its customers by arming them with the right technology. Employing Anchanto’s technology in place, customers have digitized all their processes across teams, regions, and workflows. While this helps them acquire a unique balance of control and visibility for their eCommerce operations, it also empowers them to track their growth constructively and take actions based on the available insights. And the team at Anchanto ensures that clients are able to embrace digital transformation swiftly. Anchanto’s dedicated team deserves the acknowledgment for contributing to the growth of the company.

The company has also handled multichannel selling operations in-house for multiple brands in the past. Thus, by putting itself in the customer’s shoes, Anchanto has understood the pain points of its customers and has solved them rightfully through its powerful platforms.

There are a series of factors that help Anchanto commit to its philosophy. It includes core strengths such as robust and scalable products, highly customer-centric teams, and 100+ integrations with various eCommerce ecosystem players, and many more.

Steady Growth, New products

In November 2015, Anchanto formed an alliance with Transcosmos Inc. Japan after completing Series B funding with them. This alliance became the largest eCommerce logistics business in the Asia Pacific region.

After achieving success with its first product e-Commerce warehouse management system, the company shifted gears and transformed its business strategy to purely a technology-led business model. With this move, Anchanto scaled its revenue massively and soon launched its signature products SelluSeller—a one-stop solution to manage online selling on multiple local and cross-border sales channels—across nine countries in Southeast Asia.

Headquartered in Singapore, the company has offices spread across six locations including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Australia. All the offices have local team members and provide localized support to customers. “Through our robust products, Anchanto is helping sellers, retailers, brands, distributors, 3PLs and service providers digitize their operations and generate massive eCommerce revenue,” states Vaibhav Dabhade.

Leading the industry toward a better Future

The company’s ideal solution for the logistics players—the eCommerce Warehouse Management System has witnessed a wide adoption in the past eight years. Today, eWMS is powering more than 3000 enterprise businesses across Asia-Pacific and the figure continues to rise month-on-month. Moreover, Anchanto had a ‘zero churn rate’ in 2018. The primary reason for this unmatched customer loyalty is Anchanto’s highly customer-centric team that ensures that the clients’ business process is smoothly transformed without any hassles.

The future of the company looks very promising. Last year, the company raised Series C round funding from MDI ventures, which happens to be the venture capital arm of one of its biggest customers —Telkom Indonesia.

When asked about the geographical expansion, Vaibhav Dabhade says, “We are focused on expanding our market outreach even further in the APAC region. We will invest heavily in newer features, newer offices and newer teams to provide the best possible experience to customers.” As the company continues to grow multi-fold month-on-month, the future looks bright for the team at Anchanto.


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