New Supermicro Rack Scale Design (RSD) Supports High-Density, High-Performance Pooled NVMe Storage


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Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), a global leader in compute, storage, and networking technologies and green computing has announced the availability of its new Supermicro Rack Scale Design (RSD) at OpenStack Days 2017, booth #20, July 20-21 in Tokyo. This new solution provides support for the industry’s broadest Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor-based X11 generation and all existing X10 generation server and storage systems, as well as Supermicro networking products, and introduces high-performance and high-density pooled NVMe storage shared by multiple application hosts over high-speed PCI-E interconnects.

Supermicro RSD, a rack-scale total solution, empowers cloud service providers, telecoms and Fortune 500 companies to build their own agile, efficient software defined data centers or expand existing ones. Traditional servers do not provide sufficient infrastructure for larger data workloads. However, with new Supermicro RSD’s disaggregated high-performance and high-density pooled NVMe storage, multiple application hosts can share and dynamically compose systems to support a larger spectrum of workloads for a balanced computing, networking and storage ratio.

“With our new Supermicro RSD solution, we are bringing to market high performance NVMe pooled storage with unrivaled density that packs 32 hot-swappable NVMe SSDs in just 1U of rack space,” said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “We’re seeing a paradigm shift in how businesses store, compute and access data today. The rise of emerging, data-dependent technologies across AI, autonomous driving, data analytics and other big data applications has propelled the need for better data storage and connectivity.”

Supermicro RSD is pre-packaged, tightly integrated with other data center management software layers such as OpenStack and built on an open standards-based architecture with API-driven Redfish management. This enables end-to-end cloud infrastructure deployment from bare metal to application using an integrated Supermicro RSD and OpenStack total solution.

The new Supermicro RSD supports the industry’s broadest Intel Xeon Scalable Processor-based X11 generation and all existing X10 generation server and storage systems, as well as Supermicro networking products. Subsequent Supermicro RSD releases are planned to support other PCI-E end point devices such as FPGAs and empower data center operators to programmatically control truly software-defined data centers from bare metal to cloud-native applications.

Leading product lines implementing Supermicro RSD include the company’s Ultra NVMe, BigTwin™, TwinPro™, FatTwin™, SuperBlade®, and SuperStorage servers along with Supermicro 1G, 10G, 25G and 100G Ethernet switches and SuperRack® technologies. Based on Redfish APIs, the Supermicro Rack Management Module (SRMM) simplifies management of hardware assets in a rack and works in concert with Supermicro’s POD Manager to offer speedy deployment and require less manpower for datacenter management. Supermicro RSD technology provides a foundation to build the future infrastructure for both datacenter and cloud environments.


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