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Today, organizations are looking at various ways through which they can integrate Arti?cial Intelligence (AI) into our day-to-day lives. AI and machine learning technologies are  expected to lead the next wave of change and innovation in the industry. Every new improvement in the AI technologies will help companies to discover new ways to interact with the world around us. As we look to implement complex AI systems, we need to understand that AI is constantly-evolving and the main challenge is to create arealistic vision for the future while focusing on the current business opportunities.

The industry has seen many companies doing extensive research in AI to bring new innovations into the market. A leader among them is NeuroMem Technologies (a General Vision company), an AI company looking to deliver a unique neural network

on silicon inspired by the human brain. The company understands the real scope of neuromorphic technologies in the business world and has been developing AI solutions to bring neural networks, capable of learning and recognizing patterns at high speed and low-power. NeuroMem IP allows everyday objects to have perception of their environment and interact with users. The technology is designed in such a way that it can be integrated into a small

chip that is capable of leveraging pattern learning and recognition inspired by the  human brain, called neuromorphicmemories. This helps them to detect anomalies in nanoseconds, and recognize patterns in milliseconds, all this at a very low power consumption.

The recent study has shown that the use of traditional processing cores such as DSPs, CPUs, and GPUs have become unsustainable to drive new business insights. The amount of time and power it consumes to make decisions by using conventional approaches are becoming unpractical. Pierre Brunswick, CEO of NeuroMem Technologies says, “Today we are seeing many people realize that traditional techniques will be inadequate for dealing with the tsunami of data and speed at which it needs to be processed.”

This is where the Singapore based company has shown proven capabilities.Its next generation AI solutions have set the ground for the development of neural networking technologies that can match a pattern against a million neurons, in a fraction of a microsecond.

The company announced that its Neuromorphic Memory Unit (NMU) IP has been constructed in such a way that it can be easily implemented into semiconductor designs and is available for immediate licensing. The company has also ensured that it develops a wide range of applications for the hardware-based sector. It is focusing on the integration of AI in smart buildings, smart infrastructure, security, medical and related application, drones, IoT and robotics – anywhere which uses sensors to ?lter information, like sending only anomalies are already in use. Many industries in the US are looking forward to implement AI to solve real-world problems. NeuroMem has joined hands with its parent company, General Vision, to accomplish this goal.

Going forward, NeuroMem is planning to use the talents of its AI experts to maximize the bene?ts of AI for industrial and non-industrial sectors. In the APAC region, the company has taken an active interest to reach out to more and more customers. Pierre adds, “It is encouraging to see governments and enterprises in the Asia Paci?c taking more interest in putting resources and a strategy for implementing AI into the sector to develop applications. We have teams across South East Asia and China and provide tools and training and global

engineers to help developers across the region make the most of our technology.”

A_terf pivoting a series of experiments and innovations in AI, this purpose-driven company is growing rapidly in the market. Despite achieving great success in a short_time, and expanding its business in NeuroMem has been developing AI solutions to bring neural networks, capable of learning and recognizing patterns at high speed and low-power.


NeuroMem’s AI solutions have set the round for the development of neural networking technologies that can match a pattern against million neurons, in a fraction of a microsecond.


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