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William Pollard once said,“Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement.Those who ini_iate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.” This has never been truerthan it is today where innovation and competition are at their peak in history. To stay relevant as well as gain a competitive advantage in the market, ?rms have to keep up with technological progress and constantly evolve.

This mission statement is at the core of Abundent’s service. By leveraging the latest and powerful technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, AR/VR, Abundent helps ?rms in transforming and modernizing their IT infrastructure and development practices. The company is committed to providing the market need for data-driven products and services at a reasonable price for real business acumen and better customerexperience to global businesses regardless of size.

The Inception and Evolution of the Company Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company was started in 2016 as a ?ntech company but quickly pivoted towards cognitive and decentralized technologies which are increasing in demand as the progress of industry 4.0 continues.

Considering the market response to the company’s service and the rise of Industry 4.0, Tarun Sukhani, Founder and CTO of the company, is happy to make this fortuitous turn. By 2017, Abundent started conducting training, consulting, and projects within the Data Science and AI space.  Throughout 2018, Abundent expanded its operations outside of Malaysia to Indonesia, Singapore, and the US Now, the company is strategically positioned as a reliable and comprehensive service provider in Data Analytics and Digital Transformation.

It is o_ten the case that when a powerful new technology solution comes to market, the smaller ?rms are often left out due to the high cost of adoption and lack of customization features. With a focus on agility, simplicity, and a_fordability, the company is enabling even smaller SMEs to get involved with these enterprise-level technologies, democratizing AI/ML/DL and Data Science for the masses. The Products and Services and Customer Benefits Apart from training and consulting services, the company provides product development and customization solutions to meet the needs of businesses across a wide and diverse variety of verticals including BFSI and healthcare. The company has products for receipt processing, food pricing, way?nding, and fraud detection and prevention that use deep neural networks, IoT and AR.

Tarun Sukhani says, “We will continue enhancing these products by utilizing advanced AI capabilities and algorithms.” Another important aspect of the company works is automation.

Abundent helps clients in automating cognitive tasks using AI technologies. It also automates work_lows within a company through DevOps for hybrid cloud computing deployment and failover. This improves cost savings, productivity, and service quality as well as enables ?rms to focus on value-added activities instead of hiring low-skilled labor for repetitive and menial tasks. In addition, Abundent helps ?rms in revenue protection through automated fraud detection and prevention methods. The company also offers digital services that improve business functionality through enhancement of existing business processes such as customer onboarding, HRM, and operations management.

By utilizing powerful technologies such as AR/VR, IoT, AI, and blockchain, the new and enhanced products and services signi?cantly improve customer experience and the overall growth of the business. The company prides itself on using open-source solu_ions in addressing  many of the challenges faced by businesses. Alluding to the future goal of the company in the open-source and decentralized market, Tarun Sukhani says, “We will champion the distributed AI business models and usher in a new new age of AI Dapps.” The company a stronger presence in the decentralized and API-economy driven businesses. Paving New Opportunities for the Future As a company started by experts in Data Science, AI and ML, Abundent is gaining a lot of traction for its competency and innovations in digital transformation. The company continues to strengthen its service and technology expertise by engaging with the academic community and partnering with institutions across South East Asia and the US.

One area of focus for 2019 is to establish training centers in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. The company is also working on Blockchain and AI-enabled Decentralized app solutions for e-commerce, healthcare, and business process automation. The future looks bright for the company given the fact that it is well  positioned to provide products and services for the burgeoning Industry 4.0 economy. It is committed to developing innovative products, new business platforms and employment by leveraging these emerging versatile technologies.


Abundent provides product development and customization solutions to meet the needs of businesses across a wide and diverse variety of verticals including BFSI and healthcare.


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