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We live in a digital business world where the successful see and capitalize on the changes tomorrow presents. Google, Amazon, Disney, American Express, MasterCard, Porsche, and BMW are prime examples of companies who leverage digital technology to harness its transformative capacity.

Today, many companies pursuing a deeper digital offering, and the service providers facilitating it, feel the pressure stemming from inadequate initiatives. Reports say that a startling 50% of Fortune 500 companies have dwindled in the last two decades because of their poor adaptability in the high stakes atmosphere. From their stories, we can learn a valuable lesson—digital transformation is easier said than done. In implementing a digital transformation, we must first acknowledge that it is vital for people and culture working hand in hand to create two turning points: streamlined internal working and customer-centricity. It’s also crucial to understand that there is no one universally applicable solution for all.

Thankfully, a few companies are stepping forward with applicable solutions. These companies understand that only relentlessly putting the best technologies in place while progressively adapting to change is the only solution. This approach is perfectly exemplified by the Information Management sector of the Grace Group, a leading digital transformation service provider, headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Grace’s story has humble beginnings—set up by two brothers in 1911 who worked in the removals business. Through steady expansion, it launched its storage facilities services to protect customers’ sensitive information. Mr. Michael Hyland, Director of Grace Information Management, says, “What started as custodianship for our customers’ physical records and information has evolved to include digital solutions for security, storage, and management via digitization and automation technologies.”

When asked about Grace’s differentiating strengths, Michael says, “We’ve developed a service delivery model based on our deep understanding of the life cycle of content in the modern world. The underlining principle for this is that there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to digital transformation.”Grace’s digital solutions specialists strive to acutely understand the business and the business challenges of their customers. Once a customer’s ‘digital maturity’ is assessed, they design an actionable and tailor-made strategy coined as a ‘transformation pathway’, to launch the organization into the digital future. Michael adds, “Regardless of whether their organization is a ‘cautious adopter’ looking to start small and focus on a single department or a ‘digital champion’ looking at applying an enterprise-wide transformation, we will be able to lay the groundwork for their success.”

In 2019, it’s hard to argue with the clear benefits of converting to digital. Once Grace’s transformation pathway is in effect, customers enjoy significant increases in efficiencies across their internal and external processes. As well as other advantages including high quality and consistent information management, faster responses to customers, better interoperability, data-centered decision making, and a capability to serve internationally, enhanced user experience and a capacity to safely and securely manage information. One of Grace Information Management’s prime offerings is its Grace Digital Office Suite, an innovative and integrable content management system that digitizes, automates and analyses processes for enterprises, which leverages an open architecture design. “This design allows us to easily add, upgrade and swap components, tailoring the structure for individual business needs with a capability that allows it to seamlessly connect with existing ERP or CRM systems,” says Michael.

In addition to dedicated customer support, Grace endeavors to continually improve the way it provides its services to customers. For instance, its National Client Relationship Program helps their team understand the individual and unique needs of customers. Their bi-annual client satisfaction survey is a platform for customers to share feedback, allowing grace to devise improved strategies year-on-year. Michael explains, “We’re constantly learning and changing with technology to meet the demands of the digital revolution while sustaining our robust commitment to servicing clients who trust us, as a long-standing organization, to go the extra mile in everything we do.”

Today, Grace Information Management is leading in the digital technology service industry, widely known for its high customer-centricity and specialization in digital transformation, all provided under the one umbrella Grace Group brand. Underpinning Grace’s long list of digital specialist services is its notable capability to solve diverse and complex customer challenges.

As Grace moves ahead in its journey to digitize the world, one business at a time, they focus on the important objective to remain at the forefront of innovation. They’re currently exploring investments to develop and evolve service offerings with new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation.

Michael comments on security, “As laws and regulations governing privacy and the secure management of records and information continue to increase (Notifiable Data Breaches ACT 2017 and General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, for example), it is imperative that players in our industry are able to offer solutions with top governance at enterprise level.” And, he sums up, “Grace will continue to be a thought leader in the information services industry and a trusted advisor to our customers.”


  1. Grace Digital Office Suite, an innovative and integrable content management system digitizes, automates and analyses processes for enterprises.
  2. Grace’s digital solutions specialists strive to understand the business and its challenges and design a tailor-made strategy to launch the organization into the digital future.


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