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Steven Visic, Director, Sales Smart Send

The Retail and eCommerce industries are flourishing today. But rather than products themselves, the success of the business always revolves around satisfying customers. So, alongside offering quality products, it’s equally important to ensure that products reach the customers’ hands safely in time and without worries.

Everyone including large organizations, small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) as well as individuals require quality shipping services. But because it’s not their main area of expertise, they outsource the job—packaging, delivery, and order fulfilment—to third-party shipping service providers. From a managerial perspective, identifying and selecting the right shipping service provider can make all the difference.

Smart Send, an Australian online courier service provider, shines as an excellent example of a reliable logistics brand. It has a positive track record spanning over 14 years, primarily catering to eCommerce stores, online retailers, and eBay sellers. The service is simple, easy-to-use, affordable, and gives great attention to customers’ needs. Through consistent positive performances in the field and being Australia’s longest serving online courier aggregator, it’s widely recognised as the nation’s most trusted and reliable logistics brand today.

Emerging in Response to the Need for Competitive Courier Services

Smart Send was set up April 2006, in Brisbane, Australia, in response to the growing need for competitive prices to low to medium volume shippers. The challenge was that major courier companies discouraged serving such customers because of their low levels of demand. But this was also an opportunity to serve these customers as well as set up Australia’s first online courier service.

“We saw a niche, the ability to help SME’s and eBay sellers with fair courier pricing. This was not available back in the mid-2000’s as most transport companies weren’t interested in helping start-ups or small businesses through an easy-to-use online system to receive real-time shipping quotes, bookings and track goods,” Mr. Steven Visic, the Director of Sales and a Founding Director at Smart Send, reflects.

Over the years, Smart Send has been providing a broad range of competitive shipping options by aggregating courier services from reliable, professional, and proven courier service providers. Thus far, the company has helped thousands of customers succeed in their shipping endeavours and has observed the top obstacles that SME’s face: pickup issues, delivery problems, time wastage and high expenses. “When working with Smart Send, we help resolve these issues through proactive pickup solutions, a delivery concierge system, apps and tech tools to save time and money,” Mr. Visic says.

Simple, Easy-to-Use, Convenient and Competitive Shipping Services

Customers can directly use Smart Send’s service—no need for registration, setting up an account or monthly subscription fees. The company offers simple, easy-to-use, and convenient shipping options across the country aggregating over 50 domestic services, 20 international services and 7 nationally leading freight companies. This presents incredibly competitive pricing options, across a broad range of items, parcels, and products.   

Smart Send offers application programming interfaces, apps, and plugins to help online retailers efficiently streamline and ship products profitably. Smart Send is also a recommended shipping solution by eBay Australia. In addition, the company offers innovative options such as receipted delivery, insurance against product loss or damage, and tail-lift truck services to transport bulky items.

“Customer Service and after sales service is extremely important when shipping as issues can arise that every merchant needs fast resolution with. So, we offer our ‘9 Minute Response Time’ to online queries during business hours, weekdays to assist all customers, large and small,” Mr. Visic adds further.

Attending to Customers’ Needs First

By choosing Smart Send, customers can avail help from well-experienced shipping professionals. With a sound and practical understanding of the service, the company leverages this knowledge to help customers’ shipping endeavours. Realising that shipping isn’t an exact science and that problems do occur like late deliveries, loss, damage, and unforeseen costs. “We truly ‘partner’ with our customers to help them resolve issues should they occur and also mitigate issues from re-occurring by providing knowledge and understanding of reasonable expectations when shipping. When customers put this knowledge into practice, they see great improvements which cuts down on unexpected costs and problems,” Mr. Visic says. 

“Two-thirds of our staff work in operations and customer service. We put a large emphasis on looking after the customer and being available quickly should they need our assistance with a shipping issue. We know that our ‘9 Minute Response Time’ to online queries is a vital aspect of our offering,” Mr. Visic explains.

Smart Send actively reviews response times statistics every week aiming to reduce response waiting times continually. It also assigns account managers to respond to larger eCommerce customers’ queries through text, phone, email, or ticketing software.

Supporting the Well-Being and the Future of eCommerce

Smart Send is a courier service for the digital age, helping eCommerce stores ship easier, faster, and more profitably than ever before. It’s supporting the development and the future of eCommerce today. Its success primarily comes from the ability to always be there for customers, being available to help them through any and all delivery issues that may occur.

Being Australia’s longest serving online courier aggregator, Smart Send has seen the rise and fall of many competitors. But it has been facing difficulties as well. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt the Australian economy. And while the demand for online shopping has been rising, shipping services have been disrupted. In response to this unprecedented challenge, Mr. Visic wrote and published an eBook shedding light on the many ways that merchants can offer excellent delivery services despite COVID-19.

“Smart Send has some huge plans for the coming 3 years: A revamped website with new value-added features, partnerships with new providers in the marketplace, new technology solutions for eCommerce stores to save even more time and effort when shipping orders, and options for brick-and-mortar businesses to alleviate the load of going online,” Mr. Visic concludes.


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