Trends that define video marketing in 2021


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With the New Year come the 2021 video marketing trends. Knowing them is essential to be able to use them in your next digital strategies to complete your content. This format is far from outdated, so you need to keep up to date. Today’s consumers are more inclined to video materials: they prefer to hear and see rather than read. This does not mean that the text will disappear; it will be present as a good descriptive companion. The protagonist, however, will be the video and, therefore, you cannot remain aloof.

Once you know what the 2021 video marketing trends will be, it will be much easier to structure your strategy and apply new techniques to impact your audience. The idea is that next year, you can continue to fascinate your target audience with the content they want to see.

About 2021 marketing trends

The time has come for you to find out what 2021 video marketing trends will revolutionize digital marketing. You may see some that you have already used, but that does not mean that they are obsolete, but that they will remain current thanks to their effectiveness.

Animated explanatory videos

This is not something new, but it is a format that has made an impact in 2020 and will continue to have an impact in 2021. They are commonly used by brands to describe a product or service in a quick and very creative way. These types of videos usually last less than 1 minute, which is enough time to show your brand personality through illustrations and animations. They will be of great help in describing complex business ideas in a more fun way. But don’t think animated explanatory videos don’t make your business serious. They are widely used in the financial, healthcare, and real estate sectors.

Videos where you can buy 

Trends are just trying to innovate, to advance according to technological evolution. Therefore, you cannot be left behind with your 2021 video marketing strategy. Next year, you will need to experiment with videos where you offer the public the opportunity to buy. And simply, these videos allow social network users to buy directly. This gives consumers a similar experience to what they can have in a physical store. When viewing the product and how to use it, you have the option to click to buy, and you will be redirected to a website. In some cases, it is possible to add the item to the cart and go directly to the checkout. It is a way to shorten the customer journey to speed up conversions. You can also use this feature in other types of video content such as tutorials and other informational videos, and you just need to insert a link.

360º experience

There’s no question that videos are the best way to give customers a visual representation of what the brand is all about. But if you want to attract consumers, you have to give them a unique experience, and you can get it with 360º video. This trend has redefined and will continue to redefine the viewing experience for many consumers. This is because they feel they have control over how they view the product or service. Also, the experience is more exciting than other types of video formats. According to data collected by Omnivirt, these videos generate a completion rate of + 46% compared to normal ones. And + 300% click-through rate compared to other display ads. The percentages speak for themselves; they are a clear example of how effective they are.

The “live” will continue 

Another trend that will continue in 2021 is live video, which has a wide reception from users. Social media algorithms often prioritize events of this type because they take place in real-time. Why are they so in demand? Brands have been able to interact more closely and effectively with their followers. This makes people feel more involved; they become part of the event. So much so that they can capture three times more time than pre-recorded videos and can produce six times more interactions.

Vlogs for brands

In this list of trends, you will find vlogging that will continue to grow and increase in popularity over the next year. This type of format gives blogging a drastic twist and helps vloggers diversify their content categories. As online viewing habits advance, vlogs are adapting. Thus, vlogging is one of the most popular forms of video content among Internet users. While it’s true that most use them to showcase their daily lives, that doesn’t mean brands can’t use them. You can use this format to publish news about your company, as well as to show how to use your products. Depending on the sector, you can adapt the strategy.


Undoubtedly, next year will be one of the most decisive for the future of audiovisual production, as these trends reveal a path where the video is adopting increasingly sophisticated functions that allow global interconnection.


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