The importance of the web hosting in the company


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If you have considered creating a website for your company, one of the things that come to mind is: can I create my website for free, without the need for hosting and domain? Although it is a question that many ask themselves, the truth is that many times what seems cheaper can be very expensive. 

In this article, we want you to understand the importance of hosting or web hosting, a type of service that is essential if you are going to create a web page for your company.

What is website hosting? 

In general, website hosting means the service of storing websites on the internet, allowing access to your domain 24 hours a day, every day. Similarly, you can compare this process to that of hotel accommodation. When you travel, you need a place to leave your luggage and ensure that your belongings are not exposed to the risk of theft. Also, in this hotel, you need a room of your own, with an exclusive key for it so that you can go for a walk and, when you return, the access will be the same. 

Accordingly, the daily rates will vary according to the size of the hotel and the quality of the service. That way, when hiring the creation of a website, you will need your own domain and a website hosting that stores all your data (such as photos, videos, texts, files, web pages, and whatever else is needed). In addition, just like the example given above, the values ??for hosting will vary according to how many emails accounts the site will have and the disk storage space – that is, how many MB (megabytes) can be stored on the server’s hard drive. 

Advantages of a web hosting

Web hosting has many advantages while creating own website.

You do not depend on third party services

When you depend on a service like 1and1,, Wix, etc., your website is in their hands. Indeed, you can download the files and make a backup copy, but that does not mean, if they make changes to their platform it cannot affect your business. The best thing is that your website is in your domain and hosting so that changes made by third parties cannot affect you. You decide what you do with your website.

You can hire the space you need

You don’t need to pay for the new features that would otherwise be free. Only when there are premium plugins you want to install, but it is not required. You will have the web hosting space you need, and you will be able to work more comfortably without fear that your website will fall because you have space just for you. Here it is important that the hosting adapts to the size of our website. You also have to take into account the growth forecast of your website in the short term.

You can use open-source tools

There are free web management tools of very good quality, such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, among others, that are free to use. You only have to install the applications on your hosting, and you will now have a control panel from which to update your website.


Ultimately, each company must look for the type of web hosting that best suits its needs. Quality accommodation is today no whim. On the contrary, it largely depends on it to provide a quality service to users through a website or online store, so it is really important.


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