Signs that your company needs help in Digital Marketing


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Although the internet has been around for a long time – as well as some social networks -, it is only in the last few years that companies have started using this medium to advertise and sell their products and services. According to Exame magazine, investment in digital media is expected to grow 12% per year until 2021. 

However, there are still many entrepreneurs who are resistant to invest in digital marketing with specialized professionals. So they choose to create strategies independently, which means that they do not have good results and, consequently, lose money. It is classic and well-known: “the cheap is expensive”. 

So it is essential to keep an eye out for signs that alert you to the right time to get help in this area. To find out if your company needs help with Digital Marketing, check out some indicators:

That is when you know your digital marketing is failing

If there are no new clients

Think about when your digital marketing efforts started. Now fast forward to today. Between then and now, how many new customers have you collected organically? In other words, how many customers have come to you as a result of finding you online? If you can’t point to any customers, or can only remember one or two, then this is a problem. 

Your digital marketing should improve your search and search engine rankings, increase your brand awareness, and build relationships with individual leads. If you’re not attracting customers, then you’re not doing these things very well.

Lack of online presence

As you have seen, being present on the web is essential to be able to highlight your business and win over users. However, contrary to what many believe, being positioned on the internet goes far beyond having a website and doing some paid media campaigns. Whether locally, regionally, or nationally, only a strong online presence can help your brand be known and recognized by users. 

Take advantage of the channels, where your customers are present- such as social networks, email, WhatsApp, etc. and create a close relationship.

There is no organic interaction 

Organic interaction is the true mark of successful digital marketing. How does it look? Organic engagement includes comments on your blogs, likes and shares on social media, emails from interested customers and readers, unsolicited backlinks to your content, and the like. If you don’t get any of these results, then your strategy is completely ineffective.

Difficulties with targeting 

If someone asked you now, what is the persona of your business, would you be able to answer with all the details? Knowing only the profile of your customers is no longer sufficient, as the characteristics taken into account to create a target audience are very generic. The lack of a well-defined Digital Marketing strategy makes many companies create campaigns in the “dark” without knowing who they are talking to. 

However, when investing in this method, the segmentation will be much more assertive, since, they will use information that users share on the internet as a basis, such as consumption habits, relationship status, what they like to do or eat, and much more. This way, it’s easier to develop ideas that will reach the right customers.

Bad positioning on Google 

As we have seen, a large number of consumers search the internet first before making a purchase. And, other studies indicate that consumers make purchases from the websites that appear on the first page of search results. 

Thus, when a company is poorly positioned on Google, it will not be on the first page of searches. This means that daily it will lose dozens or even hundreds of sales opportunities. To reverse this situation, you can start investing in content marketing or even opt for paid media through Google Ads.

Final Words

Your digital marketing is not meant to stop you. It’s designed to power you and connect your brand with the right customers. If you feel like your current strategy isn’t working, then something is wrong and you need to get to the heart of the problem as quickly as possible. The sooner things get straightened out, the sooner you will enjoy the positive fruits of your work.


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