Why every company should invest in digital signature


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Seeking increasingly assertive and efficient management, many companies are investing in digital signature to optimize their processes. Administrative routines, purchase and sale negotiations, and even the maintenance of business contracts require the signature of the parties involved, and optimizing this process means turning the company into a practical one.

In this article, you will understand why to invest in digital signatures, what are the advantages, and know a successful case.

What is a digital signature? 

The digital signature is the technique of digitizing a signature using a tool or platform. This method replaces the physical signature and eliminates the need to produce a paper version of the signed document. Through technology and intelligence, the digital signature can be performed on an online platform, in which the same document is sent to interested parties, who receive the file and can digitally sign on devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Besides, this technology ensures that the company eliminates several manual processes during data collection and also helps to reduce costs and bureaucracy about document management.

How digital signature works 

For most companies that do not yet operate with digital signature technology, the common routine for a document requires printing, signing one of the parties, sending it to the other parties via post or e-mail, using a scanner. This process tends to demand more financial investment with impressions, postings, and even, the legal recognition of signatures. If the organization in question acts with many contracts and routes for signatories, the amount invested in this process can be very high, generating an unnecessary expense. 

The digital signature technology makes it possible to securely store, all contracts, select the emails of future signatories, and send the document securely from anywhere, making the manual process obsolete.

Advantages offered by digital signature

Productive efficiency

The written signature of a variety of documents requires a lot of work time. In contrast, digital signatures allow those in charge of all work areas of an organization, to easily submit digital documents online for approval. Digital signatures can be used in the administrative area, sales area, Human Resources, financial area, and production area. Digital signatures promote teamwork and customer loyalty.

They work on a variety of computing tools 

This is an excellent advantage of digitally signed documents because they can be read on a variety of portable devices. Also, it should be noted that businesses that use electronic signatures generally have other management software, which helps to improve productivity and commercial logistics.

Certification and security 

A company that provides security and confidence to its customers can maintain an excellent brand image. With the digital signature service, you can use legal documents that have the eIDAS certified digital signature solution; Besides, you will have access to advanced encryption so that you have the confidence that your account will be safe, and efficient hosting service so that your business documents are stored with full security.


A company that chooses to invest in digital signature understands that this is an application capable of reducing operating costs, improving the organization’s processes, and increasing the productivity of its employees. This tool also allows transparency with the organization’s shareholders, who can control all steps of the processes involving the company’s documents.


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