Inbound marketing trends for 2021 you should know about


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In today’s article, we are going to talk about what the Inbound Marketing trends will be for the year 2021. 

But first of all, what is Inbound Marketing? It is a combination of non-invasive marketing and advertising techniques to contact the user at the beginning of their purchase process and accompany them until the last step, the final transaction. The main objective of Inbound Marketing is to contact users who are at the beginning of the purchase process to accompany them with the appropriate content for each of the phases of the purchase process and each user, always in a non-intrusive way. Finally, look for loyalty. 

Now that we have explained what Inbound Marketing is about, let’s talk about what inbound trends there will be in 2021.

Inbound Marketing trends in 2021 to follow

Trends in inbound marketing2021 will open up a whole new range of possibilities. They will also help you structure your strategy throughout this year.

Increase of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

You’ve probably read about this trend in other strategies before. Advances in technology have shown that artificial intelligence will be a key factor in 2021. It will be of great help in optimizing the content experience, as it functions as a source of automation and collection of data of interest. 

Above all, thanks to this technological advance you can get a lot of information about your users. This way, you will have concrete content proposals at your fingertips that have high conversion and engagement rates. All this is possible thanks to the alignment with the intentions of the consumers and their characteristics. AI is a tool with great potential for content personalization and also for Lead Generation, as it has a great ability to attract and communicate with audiences.

Positioning in voice searches 

Voice Search is revolutionizing the universe of SEO. Just as it is important to achieve privileged positions in certain written keywords, it is essential to do it with voice commands. In the coming years, more and more users will take advantage of artificial intelligence technology tools such as Siri and Alexa to search for businesses, addresses, and topics of interest, among other things. 

To achieve this desired positioning in voice searches, integrating SEO and User Experience (UX), it is necessary, among other things, to produce much more specific content that responds to specific questions and searches. And, by using Voice Search, people tend to use longer and more detailed keywords, due to the agility and practicality of the tool.

Influencer Marketing

 It is already a trend, and it will continue to be in 2021, mainly, through social networks. It is one of the fastest practices to attract potential customers and generate identity with brands or products and services. We must mention the micro-influencers, who are influencers with fewer followers. Working with these is a more economical option and with a great return on investment. Influencers have great engagement, since they are people considered close and credible to the target audience of the brands.

Implementation of chatbots 

During 2021 you will often see popular chatbots that you need to investigate. They are ideal for simplifying interaction with users and answering their questions as quickly as possible. This allows you to keep customers interested, as they will feel considered at all times. Otherwise, the results can be very bad, as you can lose interested consumers. 

This is the importance of responding to questions and concerns promptly. It’s a mechanism that will make your job a lot easier without putting personalization at risk. This will make it easier to eliminate friction from the customer journey and promote attraction and loyalty.


You already know what the Inbound Marketing trends will be for 2021! Some of them have already been a trend this 2020, but they will continue to grow year after year. Attraction Marketing is constantly innovating and transforming, so you must be up to date and update yourself so as not to be left behind with your strategy. All these trends are essential for the success of your marketing actions.


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