How to define your brand persona


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Have you ever wondered if your brand falls well? Today, companies are no longer impersonal entities. Now they have their voice, they transmit emotions, values, a way of thinking, and, ultimately, of seeing the world. It does not matter what they sell or what sector they are dedicated to? The personality of your brand is what makes the public fall in love with it or pass by.

There are some big companies, like Coca Cola, that have been able to present themselves to the audience with a well-defined character since time immemorial. But make no mistake, today this is no longer just a task for the commercial giants. The expansion of social networks and the new type of consumer forces us, also the small self-employed and entrepreneurs, to put the batteries. Branding is the only way to connect with customers.

It is important to bear in mind that when we talk about the personality of the brand we are not referring to its identity. Beyond the ‘naming’ and the graphic aspects, it is about creating the character of your company. We could say that it is about working on a character as you would see in the script of a book or a movie. To do this, you must know them very well before defining your action plans. Of course, establishing your target audience is already an important step, but you can go further by defining it in a much more specific way. 

So, let’s discover how to establish your business persona. Ready?

Create your story 

First of all, to define the personality of your brand, you must know it well, in as much detail as you can; begins by summarizing your story, a kind of storytelling where it is clear: The date the brand was founded:

  • Who was part of the creation
  • What aspects, reasons, or circumstances inspired you to create it 
  • The context in which it arose and why 
  • What variations the brand has had over time.

Define the mission and vision 

In the mission you define in writing, the main objective and the reason for being of your brand, or the company, there you have to answer questions such as, who are you? Why do you exist? And what is your purpose? 

On the other hand, the vision is a future contemplation of the goals that you want to achieve, in this part; you would answer the questions, where do you want to go? And what do you want your brand to become in the long term? Both elements are of vital importance while defining the personality of your brand. Since all the steps are linked to each other and what will lead you to stand out from your competition, and fulfill the promise of delivering a differentiating value.

Build your brand based on those purchase motivations 

If your ideal audience shares with you the vision of your business, your values, and you know their purchase motivations, you only have to create a brand. And, tell it to those customers (create a story – storytelling – that you will transmit through Marketing and Communication of your business). 

Lastly, transmit the corporate Personality that you have designed in each of the things you do. The goal is that it permeates everything, that it becomes an experience for the client that seduces and excites them to the point of feeling that they are part of it.

Characterize your brand 

To achieve this, at this point, you must work in the same way that a buyer persona is created, that is, you must attribute human attributes to the brand such as: 

  • Age 
  • Pleasures 
  • Interests 
  • Hobbies 
  • Needs 
  • Motivations 
  • Fears 
  • Values 

This will help you choose the most appropriate personality for your brand, which connects with these attributes and guide the identity of your brand. For instance, how you are going to communicate with your consumers. And ready! You are ready to define the personality of your brand.

Wrapping up

Finally, it is very important that before you want to define the personality of your brand, you need to carry out a deep investigation of what it is, so you can know it well and be clear about all the aspects. 

Do not forget that the personality will be the one that defines your brand and the one that will attract the attention of your target audience, do not neglect this aspect, you can achieve great things in front of your competition.


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