Aspects that define the entrepreneurial spirit


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The vision of the future, capacity for planning, realization, and feeling to recognize and take advantage of new opportunities are some of the characteristics of entrepreneurial spirit. Research shows that 4 out of 10 people are entrepreneurs demonstrating their aptitude to face challenges and make the dream of owning their own business a reality. Achieving business success is closely linked to the entrepreneur’s ability to bring together some essential characteristics for every business to develop efficiently. 

If you are an entrepreneur and want to know more about the concept, continue reading this article that we have prepared to explain what the entrepreneurial spirit is and how to develop its main characteristics. Follow!

What does entrepreneurial spirit mean?

Dreams can change the world, and that is what a successful entrepreneur believes. The entrepreneurial spirit can be defined as the entrepreneur’s ability to innovate and always seek solutions to the problems of his company. 

It is the ability to create a business that will give consumers what they need, that is, see people’s needs as an opportunity to grow and solidify their enterprise.

Characteristics of an entrepreneurial spirit

Passion in what you do

 When you start your business, you intend to change a part or all of your life. To achieve this change, you need to develop and discover an intense personal passion for some activity. Success comes easy to those who love what they do. Why? It’s because they have greater perseverance in reaching their goals. This means that they do not give up on the first try, they work despite the obstacles, knowing that in the long term, they are doing what they like, despite not having immediate results. 

If you hate your job right now, do you think you’re going to be successful? You may do it well, or be proficient at it, but in the long run, your goals are very different from those of the person who does it for love. The entrepreneurs sometimes work 15 to 18 hours a day, not because of wanting to earn more money, but because they emerge at work Passion of moves.

Resilience and positive thinking 

Another excellent characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is their ability to not be shaken by the negative experiences and adversities that come their way. They are individuals who cultivate and have positive thinking, as they know that each of their challenges serves to bring them the teachings. The necessary learning that will constantly improve them and always give the best of them in each situation.

Leadership Quality

A good leader is responsible for keeping his team motivated and focused on the goals. This is one of the characteristics of the entrepreneurial spirit, as the entrepreneur with this profile strives for his employees to trust the business and believe that it is possible to achieve good results even in difficult times. 

To do this, set goals and targets, guide your team in carrying out tasks and give them the support they need. Besides, establishing a relationship of dialogue and trust, know how to listen and learn from others.

Learning Ability

 The world is constantly evolving, and a good entrepreneur must be open to new experiences and technological innovations available to his business. It is important to always be willing to learn more and discover new solutions for your company. In this sense, make periodic training and pertinent to your area of ??operation and invest in technologies that facilitate the corporate daily life, assisting you in financial control and management of your company.

Failure doesn’t exist for entrepreneurs

Perhaps, this is one of the most important lessons for any entrepreneur: failure does not exist. If your idea did not turn out as you expected when you put it into practice but it did not materialize due to various factors, why should you consider it a failure? From the outset, in the development of your project, you accumulated invaluable knowledge and experience. Even if you conclude that your idea was not as good as you initially thought or that you are not in the right sector, you have learned a great lesson, a lesson that you would never have acquired if you had not acted.

Knowledge is not only learning what you should do but also what you should not do. There are no failures, only learning that will help you solve the unknowns in the equation. True entrepreneurship comes from taking both successes and failures and using them to keep moving forward.


Having an entrepreneurial spirit is committing to work smartly every day to achieve goals and make that business sustainable and profitable. If you have already decided to start your own project, take heart and make a work plan, which with planning, patience and strategic thinking, your business idea will be more real and achievable.


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