Qualita Business Accounting: Simplifying and Streamlining Business Accounting


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Najmudheen Rahman, Director, Qualita Business Accounting

While running a business, you end up juggling a lot of different roles. From business development to analysis, goal setting, and strategizing, there’s a lot to focus on. When you are entrapped in such business operations, you hardly find any time for crunching the numbers of everyday finances.Initially, the financial figures may not seem that vast but, as your business grows, the financial responsibilities increase. And with the constantly changing tax laws and volatile ups and downs in the market, managing the tax and other accounting needs all alone becomes daunting.

Thus to simplify and streamline this mundane yet crucial task for businesses, Qualita Business Accounting (QBA), a leading accounting firm stepped into the industry. The pioneering firm provides a reliable tax, bookkeeping, obligatory reporting, advisory, and other finance-related services to its clients so that they can focus on their core function of growth rather than shuffling with numbers.

QBA was founded in July 2017 by an accounting practitioner couple dedicated to providing trustworthy aid for all accounting, taxation and other related services to their clients. Initially, asentrepreneurs, their goal was to start their own accounting practice to serve society by creating employment, providing internship programs to graduates and engage in charities.

But gradually, the visionof the company widened andtoday, QBA stands tall as a leading accounting firm offering extensive services in bookkeeping, tax preparations, management accounting, and more.

The Backbone of QBA’s Success

While there are many factors that contributed to the success story of QBA, one of the prime reasons behind its achievement is the strong leadership of its tenacious leaders, Najmudheen Rahman and Sheeja Sugatha Kumar, the managing partners of QBA.

NajmudheenRahman is an inspiring entrepreneur with extensive marketing experience and business acumen.Specialized in sales, marketing, and finance, he advocates a comprehensive approach to financial planning that integrates the company’s development in terms of turnover, client relationships, strategic partnerships, marketing, and staff management.

On the other hand, SheejaSugatha Kumarisa seasoned finance professional with years of track record in managing small to medium businesses. Her expertise in SMSF administration is evident in the leap the firm has undertaken in terms of growth within a short period of time.

Boasting extensive experience in multiple disciplines, this dynamic duo has brought in substantial knowledge and expertise to establish QBA as one of the preeminent accounting service providers in Australia.  

Delivering Fully Integrated Tax Services

QBA offers a broad range of fully integrated tax services that are predominantly focused on enthusiastic entrepreneurs, SMEs, sole traders, companies, partnerships, and SMSF. The company helps individuals by effectively handling the simple tax returns, various audits, tax planning and advisory across different tax specializations. It also assists sole traders to achieve the best tax positions considering their personal circumstances and investors return with single or multiple investment properties.

“Our approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel in all means,” averts Ms. Kumar.

For businesses, it provides assistance with managing complex tax compliance affairs, planning tax minimization strategies and handling company tax returns, financials, various audits and much more.In addition, partnership returns, distribution of income, set up and preparations of tax returns and financials for SMSFs are some of the core services offered by QBA.

“We are specializing in small businesses and SMSFs and are one of the strong service providers in this space. This is very evident in the way the firm has grown in a short period of time,” says Najmudheen.

Fostering Client Relationship

QBA strongly believes in its tagline “Your Success Is Our Focus” and has always worked towards it.The award-winning firm rests on the ethos of establishing strong client relationshipsand providing the best solution with knowledge, experience, and insight.

“Our knowledge of income tax minimization strategies and its preparation to lodgement comes second only to our enthusiasm and the quality commitment we promise to our customers,” statesMs. Kumar.

The mission of the firm is to create long-lasting partnerships with its clients and provide them the most optimal solutions and best practice strategies for tax minimization so that they can achieve the desired outcome with ease.

Stays Abreast Of the Latest Finance Trends

Apart from its customer-first approach, another key factor that sets QBA apart from the rest is its ability to keep up with the latest trends in global sourcing, Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO), and best practices in global business.

The company always stay updated on current tax laws and legislation to identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize the current and future tax liabilities of its client. It keeps its employees well versed in the latest technology, software, and workflowto enhance the on-the-job efficiency for tax processing.

“We provide our business clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge that they deserve throughout the year.We ensure that our clients don’t pay penalties on their tax affairs as every matter is dealt in a timely fashion,” asserts Najmudheen.

QBA is a Certified Xero Advisor,an Advanced Online Certified Pro Advisor of Intuit Quickbooks and Saas Softwares that enable it to make the accounting records available to its clients anytime and anywhere.

Aspires to Broaden its Reach

Currently, Ms. Kumar is working towards CTA, Chartered Tax Advisor, an internationally recognized and respected mark of technical excellence and professional integrityfor Tax Advisers.It is also planning to support its staff to complete their CPA studies in order to retain the key staff members. Forging ahead, the company intends to further expand its network and increase the client base of its individual customers.

 “Our short-term goal for the next two years is to partner with more financial planning firms to acquire more SME and SMSF clients. We also aim to expand our client base by providing quality services in the next 5 years,” concludes Najmudheen optimistically.


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