Lai and Tan Taxation Services: Easing Business Anxiety with Taxes


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Lai Choou Ling, Executive Director, Lai And Tan Taxation Services

Businesses often associate tax service providers with trust. As they play a pivotal role in keeping a pulse on the business’s health, they have become significant for every business. 

Whether you are running a small business or large business, the tax service provider you are working with can help with the financial aspect of your business. From providing expert financial advice to contributing to strategic tax planning, you can get a multitude of benefits by working in tandem with the right tax service provider.

Lai and Tan Taxation Services, a tax service provider in Malaysia, has become the go-to service provider of companies in Malaysia. With the proven track record of helping businesses across all sectors, Lai and Tan Taxation Services have established trust in the mind of its consumers.

Today, the company offers a wide range of services including taxation advisory, accounting services, GST implementation and consultancy, transfer programming documentation, Corporate Advisory, Company Audit, and Company Secretary. The company’s flagship financial advisory services offer integrated planning and business management advisory services to achieve industry standards.

“We undertake and commit to being active in all matters relating to business on the international front. This is very important as Asia is now the growth region and much activity is expected to be focused in this region,” says Lai Chooi Ling, Executive Director, Lai, and Tan Taxation Services.

Customer-Centric Service provider

Lai and Tan Taxation Services understand their clients’ needs and add value by offering innovative and effective solutions. The company’s understanding of “technical know-how” makes tax issues and compliance less complicated. Besides, the company’s technical team was also trained by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) and had passed the examination for GST consultants organized by RMCD and Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM).

The company has designed all its services by keeping customer requirements in mind. With professional consultants that will guide you throughout the process, the company takes care of tax planning needs through effective and efficient tax strategies and bring extraordinary value to clients by helping to identify potential tax landmines and offer approaches and solutions.

Over the years, the company has built a long-lasting relationship with its customers and the clients’ testimonials are a testament to its success. The company also runs a blog through which it educates and spread awareness about GST to its customers.

Other Services 

Besides, its tax services, the company also offers accounting services that provide consultation ranging from global and Malaysian accounting standards to industrial insider scoops of the accounting industry. Its corporate advisory, audit and assurance and other services have also garnered the attention of customers for its benefits. When asked what are the valuable assets of Lai and Tan Taxation services, Lai Chooi Ling says,  “our valuable asset is   our team that is highly energetic, motivated, and committed to the success of customers.”

Going forward, the company’s goal is to become the number one Tax service provider in 

Malaysia. With new things coming up for the company, the future looks bright for the team at Lai and Tan Taxation Services.


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